Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 521

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Chapter 521

Noah's body had reached the peak of the middle tier after he ate the woman's dantian, he only needed to acc.u.mulate enough nourishments now to reach the upper tier .

Yet, he needed to heal it before he could start acc.u.mulating "Breath", his injuries weren't that severe, but they still needed some care .

His mind went through the battle that he had just fought as he flew back to the teleportation matrix, his a.n.a.lysis of that fight left him utterly disappointed in his battle prowess .

'I would be dead if she understood my ident.i.ty faster . '

Noah thought as he reviewed the woman's abilities .

He knew that he wouldn't have had a chance if the heroic cultivator had been prepared for him .

The woman could have just used her spears and eagle to keep him away, she only had to focus on her defense to win the battle harmlessly .

'I can't rely on the surprise effect every time, my secret art allows me to make up for my lack of spells, but it doesn't give me a win condition, I can only match experienced heroic cultivators with it . '

Noah only had three offensive spells, and two of them were mental attacks, he was extremely lacking in that field .

'Heilong is too weak for my current level, and I need to find a way to create spells with the Elemental forging method . Other than that, I can only wait for my centers of power to improve . '

Heilong was just a magical beast in the lower tier that had been empowered by Noah's meaning, it couldn't match the attacks of heroic cultivators .

'It would be nice if I had a pair of peak rank 4 Blood companions, my mind can surely handle them, and I can further boost their power with the Elemental forging method… I might actually cover part of my weaknesses with them . '

Noah quickly found a solution to his first problem .

'I don't really need Blood companions to fly anymore, I can choose magical beasts for their best traits and empower them so that they can be useful in battles against heroic cultivators . '

His dragon's side didn't like the idea of losing its wings again, but Noah didn't care much, he couldn't be bothered to keep an ability useless to him .

'As for the spells, I don't even know where to start . '

Noah sighed as he thought that before putting the issue in the back of his mind .

He couldn't force his inspiration, using the Divine deduction technique often was the best that he could do now that he had no ideas .

Noah continued to fly for a few days before a familiar figure appeared in his line of sight .

"What the h.e.l.l happened?"

Elder Hope asked when she saw Noah's pitiful state .

He was extremely skinny, and his skin was still burned in some spots, especially on his right arm .

Also, only a few strands of what once was his robe covered his body, even part of his hair had been burned during the battle .

"The three big nations have sealed pacts to divide the coastlines between themselves, I believe that the southern coast might belong to the Utra nation . "

Noah spoke, uncaring of the elder's gaze on his body, there were problems more immediate than his aspect .

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Elder Hope was stunned by his words and quickly contacted Elder Austin and the other elders with a fire apt.i.tude, the lava lake wasn't as safe as they believed .

Elder Hope concluded as she increased her flying speed, Noah followed her as he continuously ate pieces of magical beasts to recover .

The duo returned in the forest of White woods, where Elder Morgan and Elder Duke were waiting for them .

"We must accelerate the creation of defensive measures, there is a high chance that a battle is looming upon us . Abandoning this formation must be treated as the last resort . "

Elder Hope ordered the two elders who were protecting the teleportation matrix .

She knew the value of the new continent, she didn't want to retreat so quickly .

"I've already contacted Elder Laurel, she is on her way back here . Link the defensive measures with the White woods, I want to take at least a few heroic cultivators down in case we are forced to leave this place . "

Elder Morgan and Elder Duke repeatedly nodded at her words and began to prepare the materials needed for the creation of a defensive formation .

"What about Elder Austin?"

Noah asked when he saw that Elder Hope didn't mention him .

Elder Hope revealed a complicated expression before answering Noah .

"He said that his understanding of the fire element is improving at an incredible speed and that he is nearing a breakthrough . He asks for reinforcements, but he has specified that the teleportation matrix is the top priority . "

Noah understood the meaning behind her words and nodded before shooting in the air in the direction of the southern coast .

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