Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 517

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Chapter 517

The forces of the three big nations had explored the new continent for more than four years by then and had also kept most of the reports concerning the new land for themselves .

That was the main reason why the Hive had chosen to fly directly to the southwestern coast, which was the farthest area from the old continent and the zone that the three big nations had yet to reach .

However, four years was a long period and the three big nations had deployed an incredible number of heroic a.s.sets on the piece of Immortal Lands .

Also, the three factions were temporarily avoiding battles between each other, focusing solely on the exploration of that rich land and on seizing as many resources as they could .

It was needless to say that the pace at which the new continent was explored only increased through the years, especially on the areas near the coastlines since they were safer than those at the center of the land .

'Is she exploring this area alone?'

Noah questioned inside his mind as he inspected the woman that had appeared in the sky .

The mountains where Noah had lived for a while were still at some distance from the northern coastline, it was unlikely that one of the three big nations had created a settlement near there .

Noah knew that there was a high chance that the heroic cultivator that had appeared was alone, searching for anything that could benefit her cultivation just like him .

"I'm not going to ask again . "

The woman spoke again and revealed part of her aura, Noah remained silent as he stared at her with a cold gaze and a.n.a.lyzed her centers of power .

'Rank 4 body in the upper tier, rank 4 sea of consciousness that matches mine, rank 4 dantian at the peak of the gaseous stage… Also, she doesn't recognize me . '

Noah thought as he remained silent .

He knew that his name had spread through the old continent but many heroic cultivators were still unaware of him .

After all, he had been only a human cultivator back then and only the Elbas family could have some interest in someone so weak, there was no reason for the heroic cultivators of the other big nation to investigate him .

"So you've chos-"

"I'm Lord Cody of the Voydol family, I wasn't aware that the Papral nation had already claimed this territory . I will take my leave now . "

Noah interrupted the woman's phrase with a lie and turned to leave in the direction of the gra.s.sland, he didn't even wait for the reaction of the cultivator above him as flew away from those mountains .

According to the small pieces of information that the Hive had managed to gather through the years, Noah knew that the woman probably came from the areas occupied by the Papral nation .

He also knew that the Elbas family had requested for the help of the n.o.ble families, the other factions couldn't possibly know all the heroic cultivators from the Utra nation that were on the new continent, they were mostly avoiding each other after all .

Noah's guess seemed on point since the woman didn't chase after him, she simply floated in the air as she stared at Noah's back .

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Yet, just as he was about to reach the gra.s.sland, a pair of fiery wings appeared on the woman's back who began to fly at high speed toward him!

Noah continued to fly as he stored his inscribed notebook back in his s.p.a.ce-ring, he didn't have time to listen to his companion's answers .

'I might be able to defeat her if she is alone . '

Traces of battle intent began to grow inside Noah's mind but he forcibly suppressed them, he didn't want to reveal any clue about his next move to the woman behind him .

The heroic cultivator on his back continued to chase him, she was soon close enough to target him with her spells .

Seven fireb.a.l.l.s appeared around her figure, they began to launch fire bullets toward the escaping Noah but they didn't seem to aim to his vital organs .

Noah kicked the air and a shockwave spread under his feet, his figure seemed to disappear due to his sudden acceleration, the activation of the Shadow sprint martial art made him dodge all the incoming bullets .

The woman's eyes sharpened, her opponent was doing his best to hide his abilities as he escaped, she didn't manage to discover anything with that simple spell .

Countless fireb.a.l.l.s appeared around her figure, they quickly became spears that shot through the air and reached for the escaping Noah .

Noah felt hundreds of fire spears reaching for him and kicked the air again, the Shadow sprint martial art brought him far away in the distance but the enemy's spell seemed locked onto him and continued to chase him at a high speed .

Noah waited as he focused, the spears reached for him once again and hid his figure from the woman's line of sight .

It was at that moment that black flames covered him, right before the woman's spell crashed in his position and released a shockwave that made even the ground below tremble .

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