Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 516

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Chapter 516

Noah's centers of power steadily improved as his exploration continued .

He trained with the Kesier rune often, he would stare at the sheet containing it for hours when he decided that it was time to take a break .

His dantian benefitted from the environment and his recent enlightenment concerning the laws of the darkness element, Noah actually had to slow down the absorption speed of his cultivation technique from time to time to give to his center of power a period of rest .

He couldn't use his drugs to keep it healthy, he simply had too few potions and pills that could be used on a rank 4 dantian, he knew that it was better to keep them for unexpected and dangerous situations .

The center of power that benefitted the most from the new environment though was his body .

The high density of "Breath" in the air gave it a constant stream of nourishments and Noah had never stopped killing and eating the magical beasts that he found along the way, that type of regimen wasn't something that he could afford in the old continent, there simply weren't that many rank 4 magical beasts in one place .

The plain that followed the lake inhabited by the octopus-type magical beasts was filled by rank 4 Lightning rabbits .

Noah was often forced to escape in the air since the rabbits were simply too many, they threatened to encircle him every time he killed a few of them .

Lightning rabbits didn't have powerful bodies but they could launch lightning bolts to attack and could momentarily boost their speed by gathering sparks on their legs .

Those qualities made them quite annoying to fight, especially due to their numerous population, Noah could easily endure a few lightning bolts but even he would die if he was. .h.i.t by hundreds of them .

The plain though didn't have anything interesting, Noah spent many days there only to improve his body as fast as he could, feeding on so many rank 4 creatures pushed him toward the limits of the middle tier even though he had yet to completely absorb all those nourishments .

However, he eventually went past the plain to continue his exploration of the western coastline, his main targets were the traces left by divine beings and the corpses of powerful beasts after all .

A gra.s.sland filled with short hills appeared in his sight as he walked in the sky, a yellowish moss covered the entirety of the gra.s.sland, giving it an eerie aspect .

'This moss should be a magical plant of some sort, it seems that the entirety of this area is occupied by this species . '

Noah thought as he descended on the ground, he wanted to inspect that life form and even pick a few samples for Elder Laurel to a.n.a.lyze .

Yet, just when he was only at one meter away from the terrain, the moss moved, creating something similar to a claw that stretched toward Noah and tried to surround him .

Noah kicked the air and a shockwave expanded from under his feet, the quick activation of the Shadow sprint martial art brought him high in the sky in less than an instant .

'Countless rank 4 magical plants working together under the lead of few in the fifth rank, I bet that the entire gra.s.sland can work as a single organism . '

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Noah thought as he watched the moss returning to the ground, he was amazed to discover that even his dragon's instincts hadn't been able to make him sense that threat .

Noah approached the new area slowly .

He first killed as many magical beasts as he could and stored the bodies of those that he wasn't eating, clearing a small area in the process .

Then, he dug a cave on the side of a mountain so that he could train in peace, he needed a safe environment where he could stare at the fifth Kesier rune until most of his mental energy was depleted .

He decided to remain in those mountains for a while, the snake-type magical beasts were powerful but also extremely nouris.h.i.+ng, they were the best food for his body .

Also, there were many hidden areas between the mountains, exploring all of them would take time since he had to be careful of the rank 5 creatures that he knew where hidden somewhere .

However, something that he didn't expect happened .

Noah had spent a few weeks between those mountains by then, he was casually exploring an area where two packs of snakes were fighting over the corpse of a strong specimen when his consciousness sensed that another consciousness had entered its range .

Noah raised his eyes to the sky where he saw that a woman wearing a yellow robe was staring at him wearing a surprised expression, she looked at him for a while before her consciousness conveyed a mental message to Noah .

"Who are you?"

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