Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 508

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Chapter 508

The Armored sandworms weren't a strong species of magical beasts .

They surely were one of the strongest kinds of worm-type creatures but their enemies were heroic cultivators, there was nothing they could do against them .

Noah casually swung his sabers as he flew between the pouncing sandworms, sharp black lines appeared in the air whenever he performed a slash, his attacks seemed able to cut through anything that stood on their trajectory .

Elder Hope swung a small knife that had holes on its surface, a threatening aura was radiated by that weapon, Noah immediately noticed that it was a rank 4 inscribed item .

The knife released strange sharp sounds as it moved through the air, small wind blades took form every time one of those sounds echoed and reached for the weakest parts of the sandworms .

Elder Duke controlled an azure sphere that floated in front of his chest and that fueled most of his attacks, water bullets and torrents shot from his spell toward the creatures next to him .

Elder Laurel nimbly avoided the beasts and circled them until enough of them had gathered in one spot before creating a huge fireball above her figure and launching it toward the sandworms, a huge explosion occurred every time she cast her spell .

Elder Morgan wielded an inscribed spear that tainted the creatures with the lines of a formation every time she stabbed their skin, that weapon also was an inscribed item in the fourth rank and the s.h.i.+ning lines that infected the sandworms spread on their bodies as if fueled by their vitality .

'Her martial art is so interesting . '

Noah couldn't help but feel interested in Elder Morgan attacks, inflicting one wound seemed the only requirement to infect the beasts with those spreading inscriptions which continuously weakened their bodies, it was as if the inscribed spear carried a poison of some sort .

The pack of Armored sandworms had no chance against the power of five heroic cultivators, most of those beasts were only in the lower tier of the fourth rank and could barely survive a few attacks before falling lifelessly on the yellow sand .

"Seize the corpses quickly, the rulers of this area will come soon . "

Noah warned his companions as he stored the corpses next to him inside his s.p.a.ce-ring, the spirit automaton autonomously put them inside the formation with the other dragon's corpses .

He knew that, in such an amazing environment, finding only twenty or so rank 4 magical beasts was impossible, there had to be more creatures in the surrounding areas .

Also, the sandworms had to be at the bottom of the food chain there since their power mostly was in the lower tier, meaning that the rulers of the desert wouldn't be happy to discover that someone was stealing their food .

Part of that knowledge came from his studies but Noah was aware that the fusion had enlarged his point of view, he could now think like a magical beast and even communicate with them in a sort of primal way, he simply understood them far better now .

That was the reason why he was sure that more powerful creatures would arrive in their position .

The confirmation to his hypothesis came almost immediately, dunes formed in the sand below them as if something was crawling under the surface and searching for something .

The heads of huge sandworms came out in the open but stood still, they didn't pounce the cultivators from the Hive, they limited themselves to spread their circular mouths where a series of sharp fangs could be seen coming out of their internal skin .

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Then, they released a sharp cry that echoed through the vast desert .

The beast was immense, it was more than three hundred meters long and almost fifty meters large, its size was simply incredible .

"Rank 5 Giant sandworm, it's hiding skills are amazing, I wouldn't have sensed it if it wasn't for the weaker beasts . This specimen seems to be in the upper tier but I can't be too sure about it . "

Noah explained to his companions as he stared at the huge sandworm .

The cries that the rank 4 Giant sandworms had released after the Armored ones had been killed were some sort of call for their leader, Noah had understood the meaning behind the cries thanks to his beast's part and had immediately decided to escape because of that .

"I guess this isn't a good area where to set the teleportation matrix . "

Noah spoke in a casual tone as he turned toward the elders next to him, their eyes had widened after the rank 5 beast appeared and Elder Morgan repeatedly nodded after she heard his words .

She couldn't help but imagine what would have happened if she had stayed for only a bit longer on the ground, the images that her mind played sent s.h.i.+vers down her spine .

"We will rely on your expertise to find the right location, Prince . "

Elder Hope spoke while performing a slight bow, the recent events had increased the amount of respect that she felt for Noah so much that she didn't mind bowing to him even though she was the leader of the group .

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