Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 503

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Chapter 503

The three elders didn't probe Noah's powers any further, they simply accepted the fact that he had safely entered the world of the heroic cultivators .

The Hive had gained another elder, its heroic a.s.sets were slowly increasing in number as its foundation became st.u.r.dier .

"How is the situation in the piece of Immortal Lands? What about the continent?"

Noah asked, he had to completely focus on himself during his seclusion which forced him to neglect any information concerning the outside world .

Yet, now that he had reached the heroic ranks, he needed a detailed picture of the current political situation to decide his next move and which preparations he needed to make .

Elder Iris had expected that question and quickly threw a small s.h.i.+ning orb to Noah who directly scanned it with his mental energy .

Countless reports entered Noah's mind as he scanned the orb, he soon learnt how the situation on the continent and the new land had evolved while he was in seclusion .

'The Coral archipelago has grown well, this was somewhat expected considering its geographical position . The areas of influence of the Utra nation and Papral nation have been successfully infiltrated in the past years, most of our new manpower comes from there . Even the Empire has given up many territories to focus on the new land, we could directly build the fourth big nation if we had more heroic a.s.sets . '

Noah thought as he read through the information that concerned the continent .

Since the Hive had only focused on the old land, the details that concerned the forces of the three big nations were quite specific and, in some cases, they even listed the power behind the defensive measures of some richer areas .

'The Elbas family didn't let go of its claims over the Nerere country, even the limitless prospects on the piece of Immortal Lands aren't enough to make it lower its defenses around the Royal Inheritance . They are asking for the help of the n.o.ble families rather than letting go of the legacy of the previous Royals…'

Of course, Noah immediately looked for the information concerning the Royal Inheritance only to remain disappointed by it .

During those four years, the Elbas family had felt forced to ask for the help of the heroic a.s.sets of the n.o.ble families in its country to match the Empire in its exploration of the new continent and to maintain control over their most richer areas at the same time .

The Council did the same, heroic cultivators from the sects of the Papral nation had been sent to the new land to help in its exploration .

Only the Shandal Empire had complete control over its heroic a.s.sets, the other two nations had central powers with great authority but they couldn't control the heroic cultivators of the organizations under them that freely .

They needed to give up part of their gains if they wanted their help but that was the only method at their disposal to match the Empire .

Noah would have rather had the Elbas family and the Council withstanding the expenses of the exploration all by themselves so that some of their richer areas would have been left unprotected but they had chosen to divide their gains rather than exposing their resources .

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After all, giving up part of their rebels had already greatly benefitted the Hive, Noah was just disappointed that he couldn't personally take something that could further benefit his situation .

The Hive had completely disregarded any claim on it to focus on the old continent after all, Noah knew that it was the right move considering its situation .

"We can prepare a training area soon if you want, there are dark areas at the bottom of the sea where you should find plenty of "Breath" of your element . "

Roy spoke as he saw that Noah had finished reading the information inside the orb .

However, Noah shook his head at his words and handed the orb back to Elder Iris as he asked something .

"When will the Hive reach for the new continent?"

The three elders were silenced by his words but Bruce soon released a laugh and Elder Iris' mouth curved into a smile .

"We have studied a safe route for the southwestern sh.o.r.e, we should be able to send a few elders without any of the three big nations noticing them . Also, the elders would be on the opposite side of the forces of the continent, meaning that they would land on completely unexplored areas . The only problem is that they might be stuck there due to the distance with that area, you would have to wait for the creation of a teleportation matrix to have an escape route . "

Elder Iris spoke as she continued to smile, Noah shrugged his shoulders as he spoke a few words before turning to fly back to the remains of his mansion .

"I want in . "

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