Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 495 - 495. Hostile

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"Thank you, Professor Roy."

Lady Eth spoke as she gazed at the short man who had waved his hand to cast the spell.

The attack of those magical plants was fended off with a single spell, they didn't even have a chance to reach the three heroic cultivators.

"Lord Delbert, it would be nice if you quickened your pace."

Roy spoke toward the cultivator wielding the sickle, he didn't want to remain in the attack range of those plants.

"Plants aren't like beasts, they need precise motions to be handled and seized, I won't risk ruining this precious material."

However, Lord Delbert didn't change his pace and continued to slowly sever the branches and trunks of the Silver-yellow wood.

Roy snorted as he stood side to side with Lady Eth to protect him, he didn't care about magical plants at all but he would have the same behavior if he was studying magical beasts so he simply shut up and focused on the azure terrain.

The Silver-yellow woods were a carnivorous magical plant, they defended themselves when they saw their trunks being seized.

More roots rose from the ground and tried to reach the cultivators but another wave of flames incinerated the terrain from which they were coming out, there was nothing that those plants could do to defend themselves against those mighty ent.i.ties.

Lord Delbert continued to seize the materials and store them inside his s.p.a.ce-ring, more than fifty trees had already been severed from their roots by that time.

It was at that point that an earthquake swept the area and created a fissure that divided the forest into two.

Lord Delbert stopped cutting the trees and focused on the depths of the fissure, a blinding silver radiance was radiated from the azure halo below him.

It took him less than an instant to understand what was going on, he quickly warned his companions as that realization hit him.

"Lady Eth, we must escape, now!"

Delbert didn't use words to communicate but he used his consciousness instead which was a quicker method to transmit information.

Lady Eth didn't hesitate and threw a series of runes toward the two cultivators before the golden runes on her white robe shone, the three of them disappeared from their position and reappeared somewhere high in the sky.

Right after they teleported away, a thick root thirty meters wide rose at high speed from the fissure and cut the air where the cultivators once where.

An ominous aura was radiated by the root which continued to rise in the sky, becoming something similar to the silver trunks of the Silver-yellow woods.

"What is happening?"

Lady Eth asked as she watched the scene, the aura radiated by that root made even her tremble.

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Lord Delbert sighed before he explained the matter to his companions.

Unluckily for them, similar events happened whenever they went.

The three heroic cultivators found a pack of Silent hyenas, the pack was made by more than forty specimens in the fourth rank.

Professor Roy immediately went to a.n.a.lyze those magical beasts, he wanted to understand which kind of mutation that species had experienced after living on the Immortal Lands, but, while he was dissecting one of their specimens, a shockwave filled the area where the heroic cultivators were.

A rank 5 Silent hyena shot toward them at high speed, it was only thanks to Lady Eth that they managed to escape the a.s.sault of that magical beast unharmed.

Then, they found a large swamp that spread for many kilometers.

At that time, they didn't even have the chance to near the smelly area of the swamp before toxic fumes shot in their direction.

The environment of the swamp seemed filled by so many poisonous beings that even the fumes released by the magical plants and beasts in the fourth rank were enough to make the three heroic cultivators hesitate.

Also, it was clear that stronger beings hid in the depths of the swamp.

Of course, they managed to seize some resources every time but their gains didn't amount to much.

Then, the forces of the Empire reached the new continent, followed by those of the Papral nation.

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