Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 493 - 493. Suffocating

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The black clouds dispersed in many directions as the blue flames exploded in their position, a dense "Breath" was left in their place which condensed and reached for Bruce on the ground.

Bruce closed his eyes while the "Breath" of Heaven and Earth nourished his dantian, his pale complexion slowly recovered its color during the process.

Then, he joined his hands over his low-waist and a small blue flame formed between them.

The flames still lingering on the ground and the sky started to tilt in Bruce's direction, their form began to waver and crumble under the suction force of his cultivation technique.

The flame between Bruce's hands became brighter as the "Breath" that carried the laws of the flames was absorbed and, after a while, it entered his body in the spot where his dantian was.

Bruce's skin blushed when the "Breath" in the fourth rank entered his body, he opened his eyes and carefully placed a foot in the air while wearing an expectant expression.

Bruce's foot seemed to have found some sort of foothold in the air, a smile appeared on his face as he pressed forward with his other leg, he soon found himself walking in the air.

Bruce was flying!

The reason why heroic cultivators could fly without the help of a spell was that their rank 4 "Breath" was so dense that they could simply step on it!

'He will probably stabilize his condition and attempt in the Earth Tribulation, the Hive has gained another heroic cultivator. I bet that similar events will happen everywhere on the continent, I can't fall behind.'

Noah thought as he gave one last look at Bruce and turned back to his mansion.

His cultivation technique was only in the third rank but was meant to directly absorb solid "Breath", he knew that his time inside the liquid stage will be short.

Also, it absorbed "Breath" of the darkness element without ever stopping, Noah would have to manually remove the ring around his dantian to stop cultivating.

However, that wasn't his intention.

'I have been in the liquid stage for almost two years, it would take another two of them to reach the solid stage under normal circ.u.mstances but nothing is normal about me. My other centers of power will boost the growth of my dantian and my current cultivation technique is something that I've personally created, its suction force should be superior to the rank 4 one that I was using previously. Also, it allows me to cultivate without break, this will put my dantian under enormous stress but I can keep it healthy with Divine Demon's drugs, I'll remove the device only if I see that my dantian can't keep up with its growing speed even with the drugs.'

Noah entered the largest training area inside his mansion, that area was meant for the practice of martial arts and had inscriptions on its walls to reinforce them.

'One year for the solid stage, three to four years for the peak of the third rank. In four years, I need to create a rank 4 cultivation technique, an offensive martial art that suits my level and skills, and find a secret art that can be used by hybrids, I would need to create that too otherwise. I need to also train with the fifth Kesier rune, eat to nourish my body, and improve the power of my flames… It's time to stop playing around with human cultivators and join the world of the ent.i.ties.'

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As soon as he set his schedule, Noah began to start working on it, his eagerness to explore the new world forced him to begin another period of seclusion.

The cultivators sent were all elites in the third rank, the number of heroic cultivators sent by each powerful force was unclear but their presence was obvious.

The new continent came from a plane inhabited by deities, there was a high chance that rank 5 and 6 lifeforms had survived the fall to the Mortal Lands and were still walking on its terrain.

The first nation to reach the new land was the Utra nation, the speed its air-sh.i.p.s couldn't be matched by simple inscribed sh.i.p.s, fifty soldiers at the peak of the third rank landed on the azure terrain that stood over the layer of ice.

The environment there was filled with "Breath" directly radiated by the ground, it was as if the terrain was made of a mineral similar to the Obsidian Crystals but had abilities akin to the "Breath" blessings: The ground contained and released "Breath" that was then confined in the area above it, it didn't disperse in the world outside the piece of Immortal Lands.

Also, such density of "Breath" felt almost suffocating for those troops in the human ranks, they felt as if their bodies were weighed down by some sort of invisible pressure that affected their correct functioning.

Their minds felt heavier and even breathing was harder there, it was clear that they were simply too weak to explore that place.

The layer of ice under the ground had many magical beasts' corpses inside it, the G.o.d's spell had used the water of the sea as fuel after all, many lifeforms had died as the sea turned into pillars of ice that crashed on the meteorite.

Yet, even in that unknown and hostile environment, the soldiers of the Utra nation began to work to set up the first encampment on the new continent.

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