Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 491 - 491. Ring

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Noah had initially decided to take the slow approach and to perfect his cultivation technique by forging an inscribed item in the fourth rank that he would then put inside his dantian.

Yet, there were too many problems to solve in that approach, the first of them was that Noah was still unable to forge a rank 4 item.

Also, the items that he had managed to forge grew without restraint, their form absorbed "Breath" that further fueled the vortex that they generated, something that unstable couldn't be put inside a center of power.

It was only after the new continent fell from the sky and he felt the urge to match the other heroic cultivators that he understood that the blueprint for the Black hole cultivation technique was wrong and that he had to modify it.

'If I render the condensed "Breath" blessing able to absorb "Breath", then it will even absorb that in my dantian once I put it inside it, there is no fix to this issue. The "black hole" can't be a sphere, it must be a hole.'

Noah thought as he took out a huge chunk of the "Breath" blessings inside his s.p.a.ce-ring and placed it inside the garden of his mansion, the chunk was more than ten meters tall, none of his rooms would be able to contain it.

The liquid "Breath" inside his mind was immersed in the sea only to come out as a black whirlpool that threatened to absorb anything in its reach, Noah's hunger had refined that "Breath" to give it the meaning that he needed.

'The hole must have the dantian as its center so that the absorbed "Breath" can be gathered inside it, the suction force must also be strong enough or the walls of the dantian would simply repel the energy.'

Noah pressed a hand on the big chunk of "Breath" blessing and injected his refined "Breath" inside it, altering its internal composition.

Noah had experimented a lot in that procedure already so he knew that the chunk of "Breath" blessing would only become a peak rank 3 item when the forging was completed.

Yet, that was his goal.

Creating an inscribed item that could make him cultivate both in the human and in the heroic ranks was something too ambitious, it was better to forge different items according to his cultivation level.

That approach was more expensive since he would waste "Breath" blessings only to cultivate till the peak of the human ranks but Noah didn't care, he needed to improve as fast as he could if he wanted to hope to enter the oncoming battle and seize some benefits.

'A ring instead of a sphere, flexible instead of fixed.'

Noah repeated those words inside his mind as he modified the internal composition of the chunk of "Breath" blessing.

The uneven crystal began to compress under Noah's control, the more than ten meters tall azure mineral became smaller and smaller as time pa.s.sed.

Noah stood still, all his focus was on the restricting mineral.

The azure halo that had filled the garden quickly darkened, the condensing "Breath" blessing began to lose its ability to attract "Breath" of all the elements and only made the one of the darkness element converge, that type of modification was something that Noah had learnt to do even before going in the Efrana nation.

His experience with the Elemental forging method and with the procedure allowed Noah to safely apply some modifications to the condensing process.

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Also, since the item was only in the human ranks, Noah had full confidence in completing the forging without making any mistake.

His focus went on his dantian as he a.n.a.lyzed the effect of his creation: "Breath" was attracted by the ring and redirected at its center where one side of his dantian was, the "Breath" pa.s.sed the walls of his organ and began to acc.u.mulate on its own, it was as if Noah was cultivating at that moment.

Of course, there were issues that Noah had already predicted.

The item that he had just forged was at the peak of the third rank, meaning that it absorbed "Breath" suitable for a cultivator at the peak of the solid stage.

Meanwhile, Noah was only in the liquid stage, the dark liquid inside his dantian acc.u.mulated at a fast pace, forcing the walls of his center of power to enlarge at a high speed.

Also, he couldn't turn off the suction capabilities of the ring, Noah would have to manually remove it if he wanted to interrupt his cultivation.

'I will keep this prototype on until the breakthrough to the solid stage and until the peak of the third rank, my drugs should reduce the stress caused by the continuous enlargement of the dantian. Now, I should start setting the blueprint for its heroic version and I should also focus on my battle prowess.'

Noah thought as he cleaned the blood from his low-waist and prepared to seclude himself again.

However, it was at that point that a familiar threat was sensed by his consciousness, making him raise his gaze toward the sky.

Thunders cracked as black clouds began to cover the azure sky, Noah was confused when he saw that a Heaven Tribulation was forming over island nineteen.

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