Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 487 - 487. Cracks

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There was one aspect of his body on which Noah could focus while resuming the experiments for the creation of a cultivation technique: His flames!

Cursed dragons could endlessly empower their flames by absorbing the "Breath" contained in the light around them, that ability was now in Noah's hands, meaning that he had to take care of their growth.

He soon discovered though that it took time to improve the state of his lungs, their color remained gray even if he had begun absorbing the light in the room where he was experimenting, it would take a large amount of "Breath" for his flames to reach the power that the rank 5 dragon in the Granite Abyss had.

On the other hand, his experiments were managing to produce some results.

His endless hunger was the perfect meaning to refine his "Breath" with, the condensed "Breath" blessings that he forged resembled a thick black vortex able to continuously attract and absorb the "Breath" of the darkness element from the environment, even though they still weren't able to cross the human ranks.

Of course, solving an issue only created more problems for Noah.

The forged "Breath" blessings continuously absorbed "Breath", their power rose as the process kept going since they could only contain it inside their composition.

There was once a time when Noah had to forcibly destroy his creation because its power started to affect the "Breath" inside the matter, it was threatening to become an uncontrollable rank 4 inscribed item!

'This won't do, I need something stable, I can't put inside my dantian an actual Black hole!'

Those were Noah's thoughts as he struggled with that issue.

He knew that he would be able to create something in the heroic ranks soon since his expertise was increasing but that would be useless if he didn't find a way to control it.

After all, if his cultivation technique went out of control while being inside his dantian, he would most likely lose that center of power forever!

There was one aspect of his creations that left him happily surprised though.

The compressed "Breath" blessings were created through the Elemental forging method, his will dictated their functioning.

That will naturally conflicted with that of Heaven and Earth, the latter was removed during the absorption process, leaving only non-refined "Breath" inside the inscribed items.

That discovery left Noah completely surprised, perfecting his cultivation technique would give him access to an almost endless stash of non-refined "Breath" after all which he could use for his martial arts and spells!

While Noah was secluded inside his mansion, busy with his experiments, a peculiar event attracted the attention of the high-level cultivators of the continent.

At many kilometers from the southwestern coastline, a faint crack appeared in the sky.

The crack was almost unnoticeable if not for the fact that an extremely pure "Breath" came out of it, it seemed as if the crack was connected to a place where the "Breath" was far more abundant.

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Before the crack could be thoroughly investigated though, it expanded, becoming longer and splitting in many directions.

The man had silver hair and golden eyes, he had the appearance of a middle-aged man and traces of arrogance were radiated by his expression.

A golden crown was on his head and a large golden robe with large sleeves gave him a n.o.ble demeanor as he inspected the sky, looking for clues.

Those three powerful existences had chosen to investigate the matter since the fissure threatened to reach the sky above the continent, where their nations and areas of influence were, which was the reason why the powerhouse of the Papral nation was absent.

Then, the man wearing the crown moved his gaze away from the sky and turned toward the woman on his right before speaking in a plain tone.

"My Elbas family is relatively new, our records don't concern events that have happened more than three thousand years ago. I wonder if G.o.d's Left Hand can provide us with a detailed explanation."

The woman's eyes sharpened when she heard her name, she gave a quick look to the smug face of the crowned man next to her before inspecting the sky again while speaking a few words.

"The Almighty is aware of this event, King Elbas. This matter concerns the Immortal Lands and it's something that we can't affect that much, our role is to prevent the cracks from reaching the continent."

Chasing Demon listened to their dialogue in silence, those cultivators were speaking about G.o.ds and affecting the sky, he didn't even know how to join that conversation.

It was at that point that shards began to separate from the cracks and fall toward the sea below it, a rain of s.h.i.+ning azure crystals soon filled the air in front of the three powerhouses.

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