Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 480 - 480. Flames

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The Demonic sword hit by the lightning bolt shattered, the power released by the black clouds was meant to stop peak rank 3 cultivators from reaching the heroic ranks, Noah's inscribed item couldn't resist that attack even if it was at the peak of the third rank.

Yet, the corrosive smoke contained in Noah's weapon was enough to deplete part of the lightning's power, only a small portion of its strength remained when it reached Noah's body.

Noah endured the scorching sensation that filled his right arm as he was flung back in the distance, he managed to stop himself only after he had clashed in a few trees.

'I'm an idiot.'

Noah smiled as his black heart pumped more blood inside his circulatory system, the black membrane of the Yin body had become one with his organ, he could now utilize all the liquid "Breath" inside his body to empower his regenerative capabilities.

'I didn't think that the body of a hybrid would become so strong that martial arts meant for humans would become unusable.'

The reason why he had been unable to use his martial art was simple: He couldn't use the physical strength needed to execute those forms.

It wasn't that he lacked control, his body was simply so strong that he couldn't force it to return to human standards!

During his experiments, Noah had tested that the hybrids were able to use their dantians and to perform spells, he was too engrossed in the procedure to consider other aspects, there weren't problems with the centers of power after all.

The forms of a martial art were tuned on the physical strength of the humans, magical beasts couldn't use them even if they had a humanoid shape.

Simply speaking, Noah couldn't use the strength of a human even if he wanted to!

Another lightning bolt shot from the sky in his direction, Noah saw the attack coming and closed his eyes to focus on his lungs.

He took a deep breath, the colors in the area around him dimmed as "Breath" converged inside his body.

Then, right before the lightning could reach him, a wave of gray flames clashed with it.

Noah felt his throat heating up as he released flames from his mouth, his instincts knew too well how to launch that attack, he was a hybrid after all!

The lightning bolt slowed its advance, its piercing power was slowly making its way among the gray flames but black flames covered Noah's figure before it could reach him.

Noah reappeared in the air, a pair of large wings were spread on his back, he kicked the air a couple of times before nodding in satisfaction.

The black clouds above him released another lightning bolt but a shockwave spread under Noah's feet before it could reach him, making him disappear from his position in less than an instant.

The Shadow sprint martial art was something that Noah had personally created, he could tune it quite freely and perform it even with his new body.

Of course, his new physical power made the martial art stronger which inevitably increased the consumption of refined "Breath" inside his mind, his liquid "Breath" was simply too weak compared to his new form.

Noah zigzagged in the air, dodging all the lightning bolts coming for him as he closed with the black clouds, his cold reptilian eyes radiated the immense hatred that he felt when looking at them.

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Truth to be told, he could have just safely waited for the power contained in the clouds to be depleted inside his cave.

However, he needed his strongest attack at that moment.

The light in the area around him dimmed as he took a deep breath, a crack appeared on the smoke over his mouth as he made that gesture.

His lungs seemed to become whiter as the light in the environment was absorbed, gray flames soon formed inside them and shot outside when those organs contracted.

Noah released a wave of gray flames which were soon surrounded by the black smoke of the Demonic form.

Those flames were part of him, his spell only empowered them.

The black clouds released another series of lightning bolts, Noah's flames had been unable to fend them off previously but the corrosive smoke around them was now paving a way toward the clouds, destroying everything on their path.

The bolts of lightning were consumed by Noah's spell, his attack soon reached the black clouds where it released its destructive power.

The pillar of gray light pierced the clouds while carrying the corrosive smoke with it, the power acc.u.mulated by Heaven and Earth began to disperse as the composition of the clouds was destroyed.

Noah's flames pierced their form while his spell consumed them from the inside, Noah's full power offensive could match the attack of a heroic cultivator!

Noah dispersed the black smoke around him as he saw the black clouds vanis.h.i.+ng, he couldn't help but raise his head and roar when he understood that he had won.

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