Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 473 - 473. Granite Abyss

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Mutations, the pa.s.sage of time, or even the simple evolution process filled the world with unusual and rare species of magical beasts.

Nothing stood still, magical beasts evolved and changed as time pa.s.sed, some species were extinct while others seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Noah read that small piece of information about the Cursed dragons and knew that he had found his target but he still needed to learn more about it.

Another request was sent to the archipelago, Noah demanded any sort of information about Cursed dragons and specified that he was ready to purchase it with his Credits if needed.

The Hive was put in a troublesome situation, magical beasts weren't its area of specialization and, even if it was a powerful organization, their archives couldn't compare to those of the three big nations.

Yet, that hindrance didn't stop it from obtaining more information.

The Coral archipelago had sealed peaceful agreements with the three big nations, negotiations could be set quite easily.

Noah had to wait a few weeks and spend another million but, in the end, another series of small books and old scrolls were sent to his underground structure.

'The Utra nation surely is far ahead in these fields compared to the Shandal Empire and the Papral nation.'

Noah thought as he began to study those reports.

Those pieces of information all came from the Utra nation, the Elbas family had pushed the studies of anything related to the "Breath" toward new horizons, the academy was its pride and most important accomplishment.

In that safe environment, the best minds of the entire nation could research and create wonders but, to do so, they needed a solid foundation that covered all the areas concerning the cultivation journey.

That's why the Royals held many forgotten data and unorthodox researches in their archives, they were needed to push the discoveries of the researchers of the academy.

'Cursed dragons were said to have the peculiar ability to divert part of the "Breath" normally used for their growth toward the strengthening of their flames.'

'Millenia ago, a species of dragons had flames so strong that Heaven and Earth were forced to act to restore balance among their kind. Such species was then maimed and its original name was forgotten, we simply call them "Cursed" because of their history.'

'The Granite abyss is a pale brown canyon where many species of dragons live. The food chain is quite strict, the creatures near to its surface are the strongest while its depths hide the weaker ones. Yet, it is said that a particular kind of wingless dragons rules its darkest parts.'

'Cursed dragons have developed an indifferent behavior once lost most of their reproductive capacity, their instincts had probably told them that there was no point in forming packs when their reproduction was almost impossible.'

Noah read all those pieces of information and sorted them inside his mind.

Many reports didn't strictly mention the Cursed dragons but only hinted about them.

Also, many scrolls only contained hypothesis that hadn't been verified, Noah was searching for a species that had disappeared from the surface of the world for a long time after all.

'Dragons with a grudge with Heaven and Earth, they saw their incredible capabilities being suppressed by a stronger power. They don't form packs, they hide from the fauna on the surface. Defeated, exiled, maimed… I've made my mind.'

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Noah stored all the scrolls and books in his s.p.a.ce-ring and stood up, he couldn't wait anymore, he had been able to contain his eagerness while he tuned the procedure but, now that everything was ready, he couldn't waste even a second.

Noah stood at the edge of the canyon, the trees behind him hid the magical beasts that didn't dare to near that place while he gazed at the depths of the gorge.

The gap on the ground was long but narrow, the sunlight could only illuminate a few hundred meters of the gorge, leaving its depths in constant darkness.

Roars and occasional lights could be sensed coming from the profundities of the Granite Abyss, Noah's eyes weren't able to see their sources but he could clearly hear them due to his sea of consciousness.

A talisman was held tightly in Noah's hand, its purple light was hidden inside Noah's grasp.

Noah was alone as he made his mind one last time.

'It seems that the Hive is really investing in me, Chasing Demon has personally created this inscribed item when he heard that I had to reach this place.'

Noah thought as he gazed the talisman in his hand before storing it inside his ring.

Due to the peculiar location of the Granite Abyss, the Hive was unable to send an elder to investigate the existence of the Cursed dragons and to capture a specimen at the peak of the lower tier of the fourth rank.

That place was inside the area of influence of the Empire after all, a heroic cultivator from another nation couldn't randomly appear there even if it was only a danger zone.

Yet, Noah couldn't give up on his body-nouris.h.i.+ng method just because of politics and decided to make the journey alone.

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