Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 467 467. Mental instability

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Chapter 467 467. Mental instability

Noah completed testing the feeding capabilities of the hybrid, the results left him completely satisfied.

The body of the hybrid acted as if it was a proper magical beast, it could eat anything and absorb the "Breath" from any source without minding its element.

Also, the dantian of a cultivator generally contained more "Breath" than the body of a magical beast, the hybrid soon abandoned his hesitation when he discovered that humans could satisfy his hunger for longer periods.

The body of the hybrid could become stronger by naturally absorbing "Breath" from the environment and by feeding on other living beings, Noah had succeeded where the cultivators of the past had failed, he had managed to create a procedure that perfectly copied the training method of the magical beasts.

Now, it was time to test its power.

Noah undid the bindings that tied the slave to the wall, only the inscribed chains around his wrists and neck remained on his body.

The hybrid trembled when Noah's gaze went on him, his instincts told him to run away and hide when Noah's consciousness enveloped his body.

Yet, the following orders forced him to act.

"Attack me."

Noah ordered.

The inscriptions on the chains lit up when Noah's order resounded in the area, they were the inscribed item that made any slave follow the orders of its master but, in that situation, it seemed as if the hybrid could somewhat resist their effects.

However, even as a hybrid, he was only a rank 1 cultivator, he couldn't do anything against the power of the inscribed item restricting him.

The hybrid pounced Noah, flames came out of his mouth as he launched himself toward him.

Also, he was growling, it seemed that his magical beast's side was completely revealed when he attacked.

To Noah though, that charge and even those flames were nothing more than child's play.

The slave tried to wave his hand to attack Noah, his fingers were stretched and resembled the claws of a beast as they tried to cut Noah.

Yet, Noah's hand shot and grabbed the hybrid's wrist to stop him.

Noah felt the power behind that attack, the physical strength of the slave had long surpa.s.sed that of a human and was in the realm of the magical beasts.

Noah had a rank 4 body, he could easily stop the blow of a rank 3 beast with his bare hands but the hybrid's strength seemed to surpa.s.s all the rank 3 creatures that he had met in his life.

'He is indeed stronger than the magical beast that had been fused with him, my hypothesis was correct.'

Noah evaluated as he pressed a hand on the slave's mouth to stop him from spurting flames before ordering him to stop.

He had confirmed his physical capabilities but humans had three centers of power, he needed to be sure that the superior aspect of the cultivators wasn't affected by the fusion.

The slave that he had turned into a hybrid though had never had access to any spell, he was a rank 1 mage but his status before becoming a slave couldn't provide him those precious scrolls.

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Of course, requesting for a low-level spell of the fire element was just a small matter for Noah, it didn't take even an hour before two scrolls were sent from the archipelago to the encampment.

The body and the innate abilities of a magical beast fused with the sea of consciousness and the dantian of a human, it was as if Noah had found a way to remove the weaknesses of his species without any repercussion.

Truth to be told, some negative effects had shown themselves while he tested the abilities of the hybrid.

The slave showed signs of mental instability from time to time, it was as if his human side and his beast side were fighting inside his brain to take control of his actions.

Noah had already thought a lot about that issue and there wasn't a solution.

Two different existences had been fused, some conflict was bound to remain especially when considering the psychological side.

The way he saw it, there were only two ways to avoid that problem.

The first one was to have a strong mental sphere, suppressing the beast's instincts wouldn't be a problem with that.

The second one was to find a better match for the human personality.

In the second case, the instincts of the beast would completely merge with the human's ones, forming a harmonized personality that could express the best of both worlds.

'This problem shouldn't affect me since I plan to respect both requirements, I already have the fifth Kesier rune and I don't plan on choosing my magical beast lightly. Now I just need to test if I can further improve this creation before moving the testing phase to cultivators with a rank 4 body.'

Noah thought when he summarized all the information that he had discovered about his creation, the moment when he would finally perform the procedure on himself was nearing.

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