Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 466 - 466. Feeding

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The slave spoke, the chains holding him still shook when he tried to examine his body.

Noah had his eyes glued on him, he tried to pick up as many details as he could before studying him more in-depth.

"Should I take care of the clouds?"

A voice reached his consciousness while he was busy watching the first hybrid, Noah moved his attention to the sky where the black clouds were still releasing lightning bolts aimed for the underground structure.

"Please, Elder."

Noah answered the voice through his mind and resumed observing the chained man, the slave had started to struggle when he realized that something about him had changed.

Meanwhile, Elder Ian flew in the sky in the direction of the clouds and waved his hand.

A blizzard was born next to the clouds, snow and shards of ice attacked the area filled by Heaven and Earth's will.

The elder's spell soon destroyed the black clouds and made them disperse in the air, the lightning bolts finally stopped cras.h.i.+ng on the s.h.i.+eld created by the runes of the flags.

Noah nodded in satisfaction when he sensed that scene, he knew a bit about the Heaven Tribulation but now he had seen how it should be dealt with.

Generally speaking, Heaven Tribulations had a fixed amount of power, a cultivator reaching for the fourth rank of the dantian could either endure the lightning bolts until the "Breath" contained in the black clouds was depleted or directly destroy the clouds.

Of course, destroying them required a great power, only heroic cultivators could have the confidence needed to deal with them.

Clinking sounds resounded next to Noah as the slave continued to struggle, it seemed that he was instinctively irritated by the chains restraining him.

"How do you feel?"

Noah asked, that was the first time that he saw a slave trying to break free, even the less trained ones that he had recently purchased didn't try to escape the inscribed chains.

"Hungry! I am HUNGRY! What have you done to me!? This need is driving me crazy!"

The slave spoke, small tongues of flame came out of his mouth as he raised his voice, it seemed that the abilities pa.s.sed down by the beast had been triggered by his mental state.

'His mental state isn't completely stable but that it's probably caused by the low level of his sea of consciousness. Yet, the abilities of the Fire wolf had been pa.s.sed down and they don't seem to conflict with the new body.'

Noah's eyes shone when he saw that the hybrid worked as intended, he was now sure that a cultivator could obtain the body of a magical beast while keeping its other centers of power!

"Here, eat this."

Noah spoke as took out a handful of Obsidian Credits and handed them to the slave, the bloodshot eyes of the latter glued themselves to the s.h.i.+ning crystals when Noah left them on the floor in front of him.

The slave hesitated for a few seconds but, in the end, he picked the crystals and put them inside his mouth.

Crunching sounds resounded in the area, Noah stared at what looked a human eating Credits for nourishment.

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The teeth of the slave seemed able to munch the crystals, it took only an instant for him to completely eat them.

Cultivators didn't have ways to absorb the "Breath" inside those creatures, specific techniques that needed it existed but humans generally didn't have a use for it, leaving only the stiff and hard meat which wasn't that tasty.

Then, the magical beast's instincts kicked in and the slave grabbed the corpse in front of him and directly bit it!

The fur on the corpse of the wolf didn't stop the slave from eating it, pieces of skin were torn apart and munched by his teeth under Noah's attentive gaze.

It took a while but, eventually, only the bones of the Fire wolf remained, the slave had tried to eat them but he hadn't been able to break them while chained.

The "Breath" contained in the corpse of the magical beast was absorbed by the hybrid and boosted the power of his body by a little bit, the growth wasn't minimal like before but it was still too little to matter.

'It seems that the body of a hybrid needs more "Breath" compared to that of a magical beast, its power should also be greater though.'

Noah thought as he calculated the amount of "Breath" that the slave would need to reach the next tier of the third rank, he was only in the middle tier now.

According to Noah's deduction, fusing a human and a magical beast would create something stronger than both of them, at least for what concerned the body.

The consequence for that would be the need for higher quant.i.ties of "Breath" to reach the breakthroughs, meaning that each hybrid would grow slower than other magical beasts.

'The results of the fusion are amazing for now, I can't wait to test the actual power of the hybrid and its limits. However, I need to be sure that it can feed on anything first.'

Noah thought, his cold gaze went on the area where the other slaves were kept.

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