Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 447 - 447. Request

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Noah stood up as the cheers of the cultivators of the Hive filled the archipelago.

The war was over, the continent was retrieving its a.s.sets from the islands, there was nothing else to do.

'I guess fighting a technique that can copy rank 5 magical beasts and rank 6 existence is too much even for the continent. Well, things would be different if the continent had a united front.'

Noah could understand the frail balance between the three big nations of the continent, he had traveled a lot after all, it wasn't hard to guess the complications that would occur once the continent decided to press on with its invasion.

His gaze went on the sky, where Chasing Demon stood proudly behind the three heroic cultivators that were overseeing their respective factions.

Then, Lady Edna moved her gaze away from the ground and turned to face Chasing Demon.

Chasing Demon was slightly surprised by her behavior, they had already reached an agreement concerning the trades of resources and other areas, he didn't think that there would be other aspects to discuss.

"Mighty Chasing Demon, the Elbas family would like to discuss something else in private."

Lady Edna bowed politely as she issued that request, Chasing Demon simply waved his hand to isolate the area with his "Breath", the other two heroic cultivators at a short distance weren't able to hear nor sense anything even though they could clearly see them.

Lady Edna decided to speak since Chasing Demon didn't seem willing to do so.

"You must know that a criminal of the Utra nation is among the ranks of your sect. The Royal dynasty is willing to pay a hefty sum and promise a long-lasting peaceful relations.h.i.+p as long as this individual is handed to them."

It wasn't hard to understand the ident.i.ty behind the criminal that she had spoken of, Noah was quite famous after all.


Lady Edna had just finished speaking but she suddenly felt a wave of fear enveloping her body.

She hadn't felt in that way since she reached the fifth rank of the dantian, there weren't many beings in the world able to able to threaten her, especially considering her position as part of the Royal family.

She raised her head only to see a pair of red eyes fixed on her, the pressure they radiated was so suffocating that she felt the air being drained from her lungs.

"Are you threatening the Demon Prince of my sect?"

Chasing Demon spoke slowly and softly but his words caused tremors in Lady Edna's sphere as they reached her.

She, on the other hand, was completely surprised.

Noah Balvan was only a rank 3 cultivator in her eyes, he was a troublemaker and a cunning individual but she had never valued him that much.

She wouldn't even mind such a small character if he didn't know about the Royal inheritance and the secret army, after all, how could a mighty existence like her bother about a single human cultivator?

Yet, removing Noah was something that had to be done as a form of insurance, he was too reckless and wasn't bound to any rule to be left free to wander carrying valuable secrets.

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Lady Edna thought to use the newly sealed agreement to deal with the matter but she had underestimated the importance that Noah had in the Chasing Demon sect and, specifically, to the Chasing Demon.

Noah saw that his patriarch seemed to look in his direction but he couldn't be sure due to the long distance, he also didn't feel any kind of pressure coming from it.

'His feet can barely leave the ground but he still keeps his eyes on the sky.'

A smirk appeared on Chasing Demon's face as he thought about Noah.

Even after such a battle, he was still observing the beings in the heroic ranks instead of resting, there seemed to be nothing more interesting in his mind.

Chasing Demon then moved his gaze, he knew that it would take a while for the underground organizations to return to their previous heights but the survivors to those battles would become the foundation from which new generations of strong cultivators will grow.

The Hive now had a vast a.s.sortment of cultivation techniques, nouris.h.i.+ng methods, and spells.

Valuable resources were bound to reach the archipelago due to the monopoly that the Hive had over specific resources, the agreements previously reached with the other heroic cultivators ensured that the Coral archipelago would benefit from each trade.

The heroic a.s.sets had also been untouched, limiting the losses to the cultivators in the human ranks.

The copying technique had to be laid even in the internal islands but the perimeter of the archipelago was secured, Chasing Demon had all the time needed to complete its defensive measures.

All in all, the Coral archipelago was bound to see its power grow now that it was an independent nation, it simply needed time to solidify its foundation.

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