Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 442 - 442. Magical beasts

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Two rank 3 cultivators in the gaseous stage neared Noah as soon as he landed in the battlefield, Heilong came out in the open when he felt that incoming threat.

'Do they think numbers are enough to overwhelm me?'

Noah wondered when he saw that those two soldiers had their gazes fixed on him, they had probably been appointed to take care of him after his feats in the last battle.

A sword and a greatsword were in their hands, those cultivators were relying on their martial arts due to the poor level of their mental spheres.

They were rank 3 mages but the level of their seas of consciousness wasn't even close to Noah's one.

It couldn't be helped, reaching the third rank of the mind while being in the gaseous stage was already a great feat, Noah was probably the only exception in that world.

Yet, when facing Noah, the poor level of their minds was a fatal weakness.

Heilong pounced in the direction of the cultivator wielding the greatsword, he was the one who had launched the fireball, his apt.i.tude could be countered by the Blood companion for some time.

Noah, instead, turned to face the lightning cultivator, his bloodshot eyes released a mental shockwave aimed for his mind, the spell successfully landed on his enemy and cracks appeared everywhere on the walls of his sphere.

The lightning cultivator dropped his weapon, his hands went on his head as if trying to suppress the pain he was experiencing.

Then, his experience made him reach for a potion inside his s.p.a.ce-ring but his connection with the storage device was interrupted since another piercing mental beam hit his mind.

His mental sphere was already on the verge of falling apart after being hit by the Mental tremor spell and couldn't endure another attack, the walls of the sphere shattered and the sea that was the thoughts of the cultivator dispersed in the world.

The lightning cultivator's eyes became devoid of any trace of life as he fell on the ground, one gaseous stage cultivator had been killed so easily!

The Mental tremor spell was incredibly strong, only a mind that matched Noah's one or a defensive method against mental waves could stop it.

Of course, its weakness was that Noah had to see where the enemy's head was to aim the mental beam, but it was easy to catch by surprise unaware cultivators.

The half-destroyed body of his Blood companion fell behind him, Noah turned toward the fire cultivator whose greatsword was surrounded by blue flames.

Heilong quickly reconstructed expending Noah's "Breath" and charged again, Noah followed it performing six slashes with the Third Form of the Ashura.

The fire cultivator was a.s.saulted by two sides, one had a seemingly undying dragon that exuded a corrosive black smoke while the other had a rank 3 cultivator that slashed madly in his direction, the fire radiated by his weapon was barely able to fend off the black smoke that was beginning to surround him, he was pushed back after every clash.

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His weapon seemed to work as a catalyst for his spell, the fire cultivator used the blue fire that surrounded his greatsword to create fireb.a.l.l.s and dogs made of flames but his methods were useless against Noah and his Blood companion.

The situation of those in the third rank was the same, they didn't die as often as the weaker ones but they were still suppressed due to the higher number of soldiers of the Empire.

Noah decided once again to focus the soldier in the second rank to apply more pressure on the stronger soldiers but a liquid stage cultivator appeared in front of him before he could perform the First Form.

The liquid stage soldier was a woman of the earth element, a thick sandy armor covered almost the entirety of her body, leaving uncovered only her joints.

That spell didn't seem to hinder her movements too much due to the openings on the joints and the abundant mental energy contained in the armor countered Noah's Mental tremor and Ghostly claws, she seemed to have come prepared to fight Noah.

Noah slowly rose in the air, Heilong's wings flapped behind his back as he floated at a short distance from the ground.

He had to use his full power against cultivators in the liquid stage and one of his strongest methods was his flying speed, Noah wouldn't choose to fight on the ground.

However, before he could launch himself in a furious offensive, an earthquake shook the ground below him and put a momentary stop to the battle.

Noah was in the air so his senses weren't affected by the earthquake, he could clearly sense that the tremors weren't limited to that island but spread on the islands nearby.

Then, the tremors abruptly stopped, the cultivators were about to resume their battle after a short moment of silence but their attention was drawn on the sh.o.r.e where a pack of rank 4 magical beasts had suddenly appeared.

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