Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 438 - 438. Improvements

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Noah was too fast, the man couldn't find a chance to throw his spears since Noah reached his position in an instant.

The Third Form was executed, six sabers became one and slashed at the man with a downward vertical attack.


The man was a rank 3 mage, he instinctively knew that he would die if he let that attack hit him.

He crossed his spears above his head in a defensive gesture before Noah's extremely fast saber clashed with them.

Surprise appeared in the man's eyes when he saw that Noah's attack was cutting its way through his spears, those weapons were created by a spell after all, he couldn't believe that a simple martial art was able to pierce them.

His eyes shone with resolve as he controlled one of his spears and made it detonate, Noah was flung back due to the explosion but the man suddenly realized that something was amiss: The spell that he was using as a foothold was breaking apart, the ethereal capabilities of the Third Form had cut the platform in two and the black smoke released by the attack had further destabilized its composition.

Noah didn't target the liquid stage cultivator but his foothold!

The man began to fall, a sort of layer of air enveloped his figure, preventing from the black smoke to reach his skin.

Noah managed to stop himself only after a dozen meters, his body had been covered by Heilong to resist the explosion but some blood could be seen coming out from his mouth and ears, Heilong's defense wasn't able to completely block the shockwaves created.

Yet, the liquid "Breath" was already inside his circulatory system, those wounds were healing at high speed while Noah focused on the falling man.

'He wasn't injured by the explosion, is it because of that protective layer?'

Instants were perceived like minutes by Noah, his mental energy entered the inscriptions on the walls of his sphere and improved his a.n.a.lyzing abilities through the Divine deduction technique.

Not even a second pa.s.sed but Noah had already evaluated many different possibilities and found the most likely one.

'Wind can't damage that layer but my attacks can, otherwise he wouldn't have bothered to defend. I just need to press on then.'

Noah kicked the air when he reached that conclusion, he directly flew toward the falling cultivator while raising a finger in his direction.

A black ray shot from his finger and landed on the defenseless liquid stage man, the latter was focusing on activating his flying spell again and couldn't block that fast attack.

The Dark ray spell had good piercing capabilities, it penetrated the layer of wind that surrounded the man and stabbed his skin.

Its power and speed though were depleted to surpa.s.s that defensive spell, Noah's attack wasn't able to inflict much damage since the man was able to avoid a fatal damage rotating his body to make the ray hit the right side of his waist, only a superficial cut appeared on his skin.

Then, he threw his other spear toward the nearing winged man.

Noah completely disregarded the spell and accelerated, his body became ethereal when the spear reached him, allowing him to safely cross the spell without changing direction.

The man's eyes widened at that sight and focused even more on restoring his flying spell, he couldn't face Noah in the air without it.

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A small platform formed under his feet just before Noah reached him, the man didn't have time to create more spears and was forced to detonate the layer of air around his figure to stop Noah's attack.

The liquid stage man felt hopeless when he saw the almost destroyed dragon crossing the threatening area created by the detonation of his defensive spell and pouncing at him with its maws open.

The man had just recovered his foothold, he wanted to cast again the defensive layer before Noah arrived but the latter didn't give him that chance.

The man's battle intent surged, since the opponent didn't give him time to prepare his defenses, he would simply attack!

Air compressed around him as three spears slowly formed, the man was doing his best to repel the incoming dragon.

However, he suddenly felt a series of hands clenching around his heart, blood came out of his mouth as his concentration broke, the almost formed spears dispersed the air they were acc.u.mulating back in the world as they disappeared completely.

A human figure quickly came out of the dragon's body when the spear disappeared, Noah had blood coming out of his mouth and ears but his eyes were colder than ever as he stared the defenseless man.

What followed happened in less than a second.

Heilong bit the man's torso and Noah slashed horizontally at his waist, the liquid stage cultivator was cut into two halves and the black smoke exuded by Heilong's interiors consumed the traces of life left in his upper body.

The battle lasted only for a few exchanges but Noah had never been in a pa.s.sive position for the whole time!

Not even a year had pa.s.sed since the events in the separate dimension but Noah was already able to face liquid stage cultivators and kill them without exhausting himself!

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