Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 433 - 433. Threat

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Noah watched the scene with cold eyes, seeing fifty rank 3 cultivators bowing toward him didn't give him any happiness or joy, he was simply glad that his plan had succeeded.

'I guess they recognized the importance of having a st.u.r.dier foundation…'

Noah thought but he wasn't referring to the criminals in front of him, his mind was on the elders of his sect.

'When a heroic rank cultivator joins the battlefield, all the human a.s.sets become powerless. Such a difference of power, and to think that there are even elites among them.'

Fifty rank 3 cultivators were enough to deal a huge blow to the sect's foundation, especially after being weakened by the separate dimension and pursuing the conquest of the archipelago.

Yet, as soon as an elder arrived, those fifty cultivators were dealt with in the best possible way: By making them switch faction!

Noah believed that, if the current situation of the sect wasn't so frail, the elders would have never accepted his request.

However, due to the lack of manpower and the campaign, they had ultimately agreed to help him.

After all, the elders were busy controlling the perimeter of the archipelago, they had to leave the human matters to Noah.

Also, the criminals from the Utra nation were different from the captains of the sect.

They had high battle prowess due to their status but they lacked the resources and technique to fully express their potential, that was the curse of the lone cultivators.

Adding their numbers to the sect would boost its power by a large margin and create a more stable foundation, they would also alleviate the losses suffered in the dimension.

'Maybe, the elders were willing to help me out because I didn't request them to fight.'

Noah evaluated that possibility too.

Heroic ranks cultivators had their pride, they wouldn't easily be ordered around and used as p.a.w.ns.

Asking them to deal with the invaders would have been simply too unrespectful but Noah had only requested them to deal with the oaths, he wasn't in danger after all, his terms with Chasing Demon didn't cover that situation.

As for the elites among those in the heroic ranks, Noah was referring to those that had already created their cultivation techniques.

Seeing how powerful the elder was made him even more determined to embark on his own path before reaching the fourth rank, he wouldn't willingly choose a road that led to weaker results!

An inscribed notebook appeared in his hands, Noah sent a simple message to Roy before speaking to the bowing crowd.

"And elder is waiting for you on the other side of the island, he will take care of your recruitment. I'll deal with these two."

The criminals raised their heads and felt a bit hesitant when they heard the word "elder", they couldn't possibly know that Noah was speaking of a human cultivator.

Yet, they quickly accepted those orders and left the sh.o.r.e, uncaring of Ruth's loud pleads.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"The Royal dynasty won't let you go!"

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"I'll forget what has happened if you come back now!"

Her words, though, were interrupted by Noah's slap, blood came out of her mouth as a few teeth flew away.

Then, Noah walked toward her and grabbed her hair, raising her in the air as his mental sphere suppressed her mind.

"You must tell the Royals that if they ever were to come after me, not only the Shandal Empire, but all the nations near the Nerere country would be notified about the Royal Inheritance."

Ruth's expression froze when she heard that, the information about the Royal Inheritance was exactly the reason behind their mission.

Yet, Noah directly used that information to his advantage, threatening to disclose it to all the enemies of the Utra nation.

Noah saw that change in her expression and nodded internally, he knew that they would take him seriously from now on.

He had already informed his sect about the Royal Inheritance when he requested for the help of the elders, the Chasing Demon sect was too busy with the conquest of the archipelago and too far away from the Nerere country to be interested in the Inheritance.

Noah threw Ruth on the ground near the s.h.i.+p and stretched his hands as if waiting for something before speaking again.

"Give me all your belongings, they are wasted on you anyway. Oh, I saw that your robes are inscribed items, I'll take them too."

Ruth wanted to complain but Noah's gaze seemed to dig holes in her mental sphere as he looked at her, her instincts told her to do as he said.

She accepted that the situation was real only when she saw that Errol lowered his head and slowly began to undress his robe.

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