Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 422 - 422. Fighting a solid stage

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As the woman's spell was absorbed by the sphere, its entire composition was destroyed and turned into pure energy.

Noah felt a mixture of "Breath" and mental energy entering his body, the Black hole spell allowed him to momentarily store those energies.

Yet, even in that pure form, those energies didn't belong to him.

Noah felt as if his body was going to explode while he resisted the urge to dispel the energies in the air, he had a far better use for them.

The world in his eyes slowed as he performed an extremely fast slash with all his sabers fused into one.

The veins on his arms exploded, the muscles under his skin were torn, and he also felt as if his bones were cracking, the woman was in the solid stage after all, his body at the apex of the lower tier was barely able to handle the energy that her spell contained.

Yet, black veins quickly filled Noah's entire body, they empowered his condition and increased his recovery by a large margin, some of the wounds caused by the execution of the Third Form healed while he was still completing that gesture.

The woman felt a dangerous sensation coming from the winged man, her instincts told her that she had to avoid that attack!

However, the Death area spell affected her condition and even her thinking speed, she realized what was happening one second too late.

After all, she had been surprised since her spell had been blocked, it took her some time to realize that her own power was being used to power the enemy's attack.

A fuming mark appeared on the ground, black smoke came out from it, devouring everything in the area.

'As expected from a solid stage cultivator, they aren't easy to surprise.'

Noah thought when he saw that a wall of yellow flames had appeared before his attack could reach the cultivator.

The flames detonated when they clashed with the Third Form, dissipating a large amount of its power.

The woman's figure became visible after the flames dissipated, part of her robe had been burned during the explosion and deep wound was on her shoulder.

However, the smoke released by the mark and from her wound was restricted by tongues of yellow flames, it seemed that the woman was able to fight the corrosive effects of the Demonic form!

Her att.i.tude though wasn't as arrogant as before.

She inspected the gaseous stage cultivator in the air with wary eyes, only then did she realize that there were two aspects of him able to threaten her life.

The first one was his mental sphere, it was unusually strong for his cultivation level, she felt as if the enemy was a stronger mage than her.

The second one was the pair of real sabers wielded in two of his six arms.

They looked rather simple, with no handle nor inscriptions, they seemed just sharp black slabs.

Yet, she could feel that they matched her level.

'Rank 3 inscribed weapons in the upper tier! He even has two of them!'

The woman realized that when she inspected those blades, they didn't look like inscribed items but the power they held was unmistakable.

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Those were the new Demonic swords that Noah had forged during his six months of seclusion!

The woman prepared herself, she waited for Noah to came out from the dragon's back.

Yet, she felt a sudden dangerous sensation from behind her.

She instinctively swung her hammer in that position only to see that black flames had appeared behind her back and that Noah was almost done performing his attack.

'Even inside the Death area, she was able to react… Impressive.'

Noah praised the woman internally, he knew that fighting a cultivator in the solid stage would be hard but, even with all his methods, he had only been able to hurt her once.

Noah saw the hammer closing with his face, he knew that her attack would arrive before his but he still kept going.

When the hammer was about to hit him, his entire body became ethereal and pa.s.sed through her attack.

Even his weapons became ethereal, Noah easily pa.s.sed through her body as he continued in his way.

The woman was surprised but she still pressed on, she waved her hammer to follow Noah's figure, waiting for the moment when he could be hit again.

However, right when she was turning, she felt a grip on her heart, as if a hand was squeezing that organ.

Her attack was interrupted as blood came out of her mouth, she could only watch as Noah returned real and stared at her with bloodshot eyes.

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