Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 41 - 41. Heads

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Noah was standing on Quinn's carriage listening to his explanation while moving toward Balvan mansion.

"Young master, this is a Snake essence. It's a powerful elixir that can cure any poisoning! It is made from the livers of snake-type magical beasts and..."

"Young master, that one is the Bear-Fury pill. It will give you a temporary boost in strength and resistance, not that you would need it. You are strong as a bull and graceful..."

"Oh, you surely won't need that one, young master. That's a purple mouse concentrate, they are weak magical beasts but their reproductivity is extremely high, I bet you can guess already the effects of such a fluid, eheh."

Quinn would flatter Noah every time he had the chance while explaining the properties of the many pills and elixirs in Noah's pile of items.

The goods were already moved back on the carriage before they moved again and Quinn, his daughter and one soldier from the Merger family came along.

The other one was left on the rendezvous point waiting for his family's envoy and taking care of the collapsed guard.

Yet, as Quinn's exposition continued, Noah began to feel irritated.

'What's up with this guy, does he have a crush on me? And why is he avoiding all the drugs that seem more powerful?'

His brows furrowed making the merchant panic a bit.

He understood that he overdid a little and so he moved to the next part of his scheme.

"Young master, I'm old and quite tired from all the previous events. Why don't you allow my daughter, Sophie, to keep up with the explanation? I can a.s.sure you that I taught her all my knowledge so she is more than fit for the job!"

Realization struck Noah after hearing the merchant's words.

'He wants to set me up with his daughter? Does he think I'm some kind of n.o.ble heir of the family?'

Sophie was a young girl that was about 14 years old.

She had long brown hair and green eyes, her body was gracious but was still developing the curves typical of an adult woman.

In Noah's eyes though, still tied to his previous world's canons of beauty, she was just a kid.

Sophie blushed when her father mentioned her and peeked shortly at the young man only to lower her head blus.h.i.+ng even more evidently.

Noah was a bit stunned by her reaction.

'Am I really that good looking? Well, I do have Lily's facial attributes but I never thought that they could cause such reactions.'

Noah had taken his mother's pretty face and had her same eyes and hair, coupled with his well-toned body, his strength and the possibility that he was a n.o.ble, no common girl could possibly reject him.

Before Sophie could pick up where his father left, Noah stopped her.

"Quinn, I want to make clear that I'm just a b.a.s.t.a.r.d inside the Balvan family..."

He continued speaking while taking out something from the pile of goods, a fetid smell enveloped the carriage as seven heads hidden inside layers of body parts of magical beasts were made visible.

Quinn lost all colors from his face and Sophie trembled lightly at that sight.

"And I really think that it's time for you to start speaking about the important drugs."

A wave of coldness enveloped the carriage.

The guard that was on its rear had his head lowered the whole time.

The merchant and his daughter might have not understood Noah's real strength but an initiate on the road of cultivation like him knew that one had to be on the level of a real cultivator to knock up a guard with one kick.

Seeing the severed heads, Quinn understood that the kid in front of him not only did find the robbers' hiding but also killed them.

And he did all of this while being alone!

Quinn hastily kowtowed with his head hitting the floor of the carriage.

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"I'm extremely sorry, please forgive this lowly merchant!"

Inside it, there were 12 well-made weapons and a big brown pill.

'I can't wait to have a dantian to test the Earth pill, I bet the results will be amazing!'

A light smile appeared on his face as he was daydreaming about his future strength, but he was suddenly forced to awake by a rough voice yelling in their direction.

"You there stop! This is the territory of the Balvan family, you must first state your name and your business with the family if you want to proceed!"

The carriage stopped and Quinn stood up in order to deal with the guard but at that moment a young voice sounded from the roof of the carriage.

"Karl, it's me, let them pa.s.s and inform my Master that I'm back!"

Karl was, of course, the guard that stopped them.

Since his constant going out in missions outside the mansion, Noah got to know the names of all the soldiers patrolling the territories near Balvan mansion.

"Oh, it's you! Did you got caught in another mess this time?"

Karl smiled looking at the kid waving at him. With the accident of the rank 3 ironclad spider and the mage in the group of rebels, Noah's reputation was not particularly good.

The soldiers thought that anywhere he went, something unexpected would happen.

"No mess at all, this time I might actually have done a really good service for the inner circle."

Karl shook his head seeing how conscious Noah was of his troublemaking character.

"Then go, I'll tell the vice-captain of your return. You know, he was in a bad mood recently when he saw that you were late."

Noah just smiled while his eyes became darker.

'I'm sorry Master, but I really need to lie to you.'

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