Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 406 - 406. Shore

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Noah inspected his surroundings.

He was on a sh.o.r.e, sand illuminated by the purple halo radiated from the sea was all over him.

'This is an island of the Coral archipelago.'

He immediately understood where he was, the events inside the azure hall were still vivid inside his mind but the change of the scenery was too sudden, he was almost inclined to believe that he had dreamt his meeting with Divine Demon.

Yet, two things negated that thought: The first one was the inscriptions on the walls of his mental sphere, the second one was the ring tightly held in his left hand.

'I wonder why he didn't speak about my first life, maybe he wasn't able to see it.'

That was his first thought when he accepted that his meeting with the creator of the dimension had been real.

He hadn't been able to hide his thoughts during that encounter but there was something that he had been able to suppress thanks to all his efforts: The fact that he came from another world.

'I don't know if it was thanks to me that this information wasn't revealed or if it was due to some other reason… Well, who cares, I have far more important issues to consider right now.'

Noah couldn't bother to think about past events when the road in front of him had just become steeper.

'According to Divine Demon's words, using techniques and nouris.h.i.+ng methods created by other cultivators will ultimately hurt my individuality other than lower the power that I'll eventually obtain. Also, he said that the path toward G.o.dhood will be harder if I don't purse my essence.'

Noah summarized the core of Divine Demon's teachings in his mind.

He knew that techniques and methods created by others would become less effective as his level rose but he had never considered the fact that they could endanger his future prospects, that information made the inventory of the sect far less appealing in his eyes.

"We didn't obtain the Inheritance, I won't say more."

David's voice resounded in the area, Noah was forced to return to reality when he heard it.

Noah had long noticed that his teammates weren't wearing their hoods, their facial features were exposed to the sight of the other cultivators on the sh.o.r.e.

As for the others, Noah recognized some of them from the seabed in the Inheritance ground.

"How could we trust the words of the unorthodox sc.u.m! Put your belongings out in the open for inspection, I suppose it won't be a problem if you didn't obtain the Inheritance!"

A man wearing the colors of the Papral nation spoke to David, he exuded a righteous aura but some traces of greed could be seen in his eyes.

Noah wasn't an idiot, the situation on the sh.o.r.e became clear in his eyes.

When he received the Inheritance, every cultivator in the dimension was kicked out and sent on this island.

Luckily for him, his status as heir wasn't exposed so the cultivators from the various organizations could only ask to inspect the rings belonging to the others.

Of course, two factions were immediately formed, dividing the sh.o.r.e between legal and illegal organizations.

To Noah's surprise, his side had fewer cultivators even though the underground organizations dominated in the archipelago.

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'Divine Demon was right, these unorthodox cultivators are demons only in name.'

The domain of the underground organizations was something that everyone knew but that no one dared to speak of, pride was something important for orthodox cultivators after all.

However, since they had decided to act in such an overbearing way, David had decided to speak openly, he was threatening them not to go too far.

"I wasn't aware that demons were blind. Can't you see? We are far more than you."

The man spoke again, he hinted that a battle would occur if they didn't ask as he requested.

"Stop speaking nonsense, everyone must return to their organizations. This is an order."

A voice filled the area as a middle-aged man wearing a white robe appeared in the sky.

"The same goes for you, return to your headquarters."

Another voice resounded, the group from the Chasing demon sect recognized it as they raised their gazes on the sky.

Elder Iris was standing in the air, her white hair fluttered in the wind as she stared at the other heroic cultivator hovering over the legal faction.

Noah heaved a sigh of relief, he couldn't bother being surprised by the appearance of a heroic cultivator after he interacted with the will of a G.o.d.

The cultivators on the sh.o.r.e separated, each group returned on their respective organization to report about the events in the dimension.

David's group was the same, they followed Elder Iris as they moved toward one of the teleportation matrixes hidden on that island.

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