Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 404 - 404. True path

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Noah knew the answer to his question but he felt that he was still missing the main detail behind that reason.

'The Elemental forging method is strong but it is just another inscription method…'

Divine Demon didn't speak at that time, he calmly waited for Noah to finish his mind process.

'Maximum expression of the Attunement method he says… The theory behind that method is to understand and copy the meanings contained in the "Breath" so it can't emulate the meanings set by cultivators. Wait, did he mean that the Attunement method can't go past the heroic ranks?'

Noah raised his gaze when he reached that point in his thinking, he looked Divine Demon in the eyes, waiting for further explanations.

"That's not exactly correct. The method isn't flawed in its form but Heaven and Earth would never let anyone hear ways to reach the divine ranks. In my long life, only one being was able to reach G.o.dhood with a cultivation technique created with such a method. You have heard of him, I'm talking about the G.o.d of the Shandal Empire."

Divine Demon revealed with a smile, the surprise felt by Noah had long surpa.s.sed what his face was able to hide, his mouth was open in amazement when that information entered his mind.

"So, there is a way around it!"

Noah exclaimed but his phrase was met by a loud snort.

"What's the point of reaching G.o.dhood if the path ahead is blocked? Will you ever be satisfied in forever being the weakest G.o.d?"

Some pressure was released by the mighty being's will as he spoke, Noah could only honestly shake his head in answer, he knew that he would never pursue a flawed training method like that.

"The Attunement method leads to a dead-end, it is how Heaven and Earth forbid the paths to true divinity. Only an ent.i.ty who has created its personal road can hope to reach the realms after the seventh rank!"

Divine Demon lifted his head toward the sky, his hair fluttered as a dense aura was exuded from his body.


Pure ambition!

His figure reflected in Noah's eyes seemed to take the place of one of the stars in his imaginary sky, Noah suddenly realized that he was looking at the will of one of the stars that he wanted to reach.

"Please, teach me."

Noah bowed as he said those words, the emotion behind that gestures were real, he was asking for the guidance of a G.o.d after all!

"Sure, but let me ask you something first. Why do you think you are here while the others that have managed to defeat their copies are still in the mountain range?"

That piece of information was revealed to the unknowing Noah, he was speechless when he heard that.

'So, I wasn't the first.'

Divine Demon pointed his hand toward Noah as he answered his thoughts.

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"You weren't the first, nor the strongest. The reason why I've chosen you is that you are the only one who has created a technique. The Shadow sprint martial art was your ticket to this place."

Divine Demon let go of Noah and crossed his arms as he stood in front of him.

"The difference in power between the cultivators in the heroic ranks is found in the amount of individuality that they can express through their cultivation techniques and spells. Ideally speaking, a cultivator able to enter the heroic ranks with all its centers of power thanks to techniques of its creation will be the strongest heroic cultivator ever, but I know that such a feat is almost impossible. Yet, your situation is just one step away from that."

Noah finally understood.

The academy had already taught him that cultivation techniques of different sources won't produce the best results but he had never thought that there would also be a sensible difference in power if one pursued that method.

"Your ancestor chose to go on his way and created a cultivation technique only after he reached the fifth rank. He was already a messy ent.i.ty at that point, his centers of power couldn't express his true essence which is why his cultivation was slowed."

"Are you implying that I should stop searching for cultivation techniques and body-nouris.h.i.+ng methods in the heroic ranks and create them myself? How? My level is simply too low!"

Noah complained, he would have already created them if he had the needed ability.

Divine Demon smiled when he heard those words, he knew that Noah had finally understood the true path.

"It's time to receive your Inheritance then."

Noah was stunned when he heard those words, he could only watch as Divine Demon raised his hand again and placed a finger between Noah's eyebrows.

An incredible pain hit his mind as inscriptions appeared on the walls of his mental sphere.

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