Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 377 - 377. Tokens

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A group of twenty cultivators dove into the depths of the Great whirlpool.

Their auras were suppressed but their fiery battle intent couldn't be covered by layers of mental energy or by the clothes covering their faces.

"A token is given each three trials, we can use it to escape the dimension and it can't be acc.u.mulated. We used ours in the eighth trial so we have to start the exploration from the beginning."

The hooded man in the vanguard position spoke to the figure next to him.

The man speaking was David, he was reviewing the known information about the separate dimension with the cultivator that had just joined his team.

Of course, that cultivator was Noah.

He had gathered a huge amount of information in the two weeks before this day, he wanted to be prepared for the exploration after all.

Also, his preparations didn't stop to the simple knowledge of the separate dimension, Roy had lent him a large number of rank 4 materials which were immediately turned into weapons by him.

Indebting himself with the sect wasn't an issue, a quick pact and the promise that he will repay them were enough for Noah to obtain those needed materials.

'The separate dimension gives a chance to leave only after three trials have been completed but it's weaker in its first area, Sarah's full power was barely enough to make her leave.'

Noah reviewed that information in his mind, he had known about it for quite some time now, reports about the Inheritance ground could be found everywhere in the sect.

'Whenever you leave, you are forced to start the exploration from the beginning and surpa.s.s the trials again even though you won't receive any reward.'

Noah knew about that and could also understand what it implied.

The first notable thing was that the highest number of casualties would be found in the first three trials, the cultivators of each group would just use their token to escape a difficult situation after that point.

The second one was that the dragons in the dimension were not real life-forms, it was impossible to provide the thousands of dragons needed for so many trials, especially considering the scarce fertility of that kind of magical beasts.

The third one was that the Inheritance was meant to be extremely difficult to obtain.

'Completing previous trials without obtaining any rewards, forced to stay in the dimension for a long amount of time to recover from each battle, the ent.i.ty that set all of this up was quite ruthless.'

Eccentric Thunder's Inheritance targeted cultivators under twenty years old and the Royal Inheritance had a gradual increase in its difficulty, they were easier to approach.

This one, instead, seemed made only for cultivators at the peak of the human ranks and the many casualties that had happened in the more than two years since it was discovered clearly showed its difficulty.

"The maximum number of cultivators allowed for each team is twenty. One of us didn't activate its token in time and died in the eighth trial last time, that's how your spot came to be."

David continued to explain, it was clear that he wanted to warn Noah about the dangers of the dimension.

It couldn't be helped, Noah was just a newly advanced rank 3 cultivator in his eyes, he didn't completely trust his strength.

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Yet, in the years since the start of the exploration, every organization of the archipelago had suffered heavy losses, their a.s.sets in the human ranks saw a sharp decrease in their numbers.

David ended their conversation with that plain answer.

The group followed the direction of the marine currents, they easily arrived at the bottom of the Great whirlpool were the warm current was.

Any cultivator could use its "Breath" to repel the water around it, underwater explorations were extremely easy when it came to rank 3 cultivators.

'To think that such a thing is invisible to those in the heroic ranks… I wonder how strong the creator of this dimension was.'

Noah's mind wandered as his team entered the current, in a few minutes, the environment around them changed and a large bridge connected with a labyrinthic structure appeared in their eyes.

'No trace of the purple halo of the exoskeleton here, this dimension can even fend off that color.'

The Great whirlpool was at some distance from the archipelago but the purple halo still reached its borders.

Yet, inside the dimension, there was no trace of that.

The bridge seemed suspended on the void, only the dark waters of the depths of the sea could be discerned after an attentive investigation to the walls of the dimension.

David led the way across the bridge, reaching the gate of the labyrinth in about ten minutes.

Then, Noah could see with his own eyes the thirty blue dragons ten meters long charging at him from below the bridge.

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