Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 365 - 365. Raid

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Noah accepted.

His role was quite dangerous but it allowed him to avoid the raiding and join the battle only when everything was over.

The s.h.i.+p belonged to the Utra nation after all, Noah was afraid that something unexpected might reveal his ident.i.ty.

The matter about the oath was solved easily, the disciples had just to stretch their hands with the horned tattoo on them and form a circle while swearing not to steal anything from the gains of the mission.

The tattoos resonated between each other and an agreement was formed, Noah couldn't help but feel amazed at how useful they were.

The cultivation world was harsh and merciless, one couldn't trust anyone.

Yet, with the help of the seal of the sect, its members could freely trust each other and focus everything they had on their missions.

"Everyone has been a.s.signed with a role, there won't be any break once we teleport. If you have something to add before the mission, do it now."

Clive spoke but no one in the cave seemed to have anything to say.

"Perfect, see you later on in the training area and good luck!"

Clive didn't waste time in inspirational speeches and directly moved to exit his cave.

Twenty-six cultivators followed him, some of them had already covered their faces with hoods or masks.

Noah was one of them, his hood though couldn't cover the cold aura that he naturally radiated due to his sharp focus.

However, that didn't seem to affect the other disciples.

Their minds were completely focused on the incoming mission, their dense battle intent showed their incredible concentration.

The group followed Clive toward the matrixes next to the residential area, twenty-seven people stepped on one of the biggest diagrams and waited for Clive to act.

He took out many Credits, dozens of crystals with the value of more than ten thousand Credits were placed on the formation, powering the teleportation.

The scenery changed right in front of their eyes, the purple underground area was replaced by tall buildings illuminated by the bright halo radiated from the coastline.

Clive and Noah were the first to recover from the pressure of the teleportation, Clive swept the area with his eyes before identifying the target and pointing toward its direction.

The other disciples had recovered by then, they immediately went after Clive who had already jumped toward the s.h.i.+p that he had pointed before.

Noah waited for everyone to surpa.s.s him before chasing after them, his job was to make sure that nothing interfered with their escape, it would be better if the guards didn't see him at all.

Twenty-seven figures with their facial features hidden ran at full speed toward one of the many s.h.i.+ps that occupied the dock.

"Identify yourselves!"

A couple of guards appeared when they reached the dock, they wore the golden colors proper of the Elbas family but they were only rank 2 cultivators, they could only retreat when they saw that the group from the Chasing demon sect had no intention to stop.

Clive sprinted, his superior cultivation level was revealed as he reached the two guards in an instant, they didn't even have the time to scream since an extremely thin line severed their bodies in two, killing them on the spot.

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'Weaponless martial art, peculiar.'

After that, more hooded cultivators jumped off the s.h.i.+p, they all went in different directions without even taking a look at Noah.

Noah counted the cultivators in his mind, he focused on the main deck when the number reached twenty-six.

He waited calmly, it didn't take much for a soldier to appear in his sight.

'Mental tremor!'

A shockwave shot from his eyes and pierced the unfortunate soldier's mind.

He was only a rank 2 mage and not even that strong, his sea of consciousness broke immediately after Noah's spell.

He fell lifelessly from the s.h.i.+p, his hands were severed by a neat slash before he landed next to Noah, there was no trace of life in his surprised eyes.

Noah stored the white sabers just used in his s.p.a.ce-ring and kept the severed hands inside his robe, the was no point in leaving the soldier's s.p.a.ce-rings there after all.

Another guard became visible on the main deck, he stared with an astonished expression at the corpse of his colleague and he wanted to retreat when he noticed Noah.

However, he was too slow!

Another mental attack was cast by Noah which successfully hit the second soldier, killing him on the spot.

Its corpse though remained on the s.h.i.+p, Noah couldn't pillage it.

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