Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 356 - 356. Introductions

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Information about Noah had been on the archipelago for a few months by then.

The Chasing demon sect, as an underground organization, was aware of the reports sent by the continent.

Criminals and traitors could be used in many ways by the Hive, it was normal to have at least a general overview of those individuals.

"I'm sorry but it seems that my faction can't take him, he is too renown."

One of the representatives on the other side of the table spoke.

"I know, Holly, but I believe you will still be interested in which faction he joins."

Roy replied to her and she nodded in answer before moving her gaze back on Noah.

"My faction handles the gathering of information throughout the archipelago. Our members are usually asked to join legal organizations to pa.s.s information to us. I believe you can understand why I can't use you."

Holly briefly explained her situation, Noah could only nod in understanding at that.

'I can't really become a spy, not only I won't like to go undercover, my ident.i.ty would be at risk in those missions.'

Noah concluded in his mind.

He was still a fugitive, preventing his ident.i.ty from being exposed was still on top of his list, he felt glad that Holly had refused him before he could do it.

He was facing influent cultivators of the sect after all, he had to make sure that none of them would feel offended by his decision.

"Let's start with the introductions then."

Roy stood up as he said those words, he waved his hand toward each cultivator while describing its ident.i.ty.

"Holly is the leader of the faction in charge of the investigations, the intel of the sect comes from her hard work and impeccable management. Most of our missions are possible only thanks to the reports that she provides."

"Byron's faction handles the basic needs of the sect. He makes sure that every disciple has access to food and basic services. We would be forced to eat on the surface if it wasn't for his excellent work."

"Joel is the envoy sent by Edgar, the leader of the faction that handles the defenses of the sect. His faction is the first line of defense of the sect and the one suppressing any possible threat on the surface, if we managed to survive for all this time is also thanks to their amazing services."

"Marcia is the head of the inventory. Her faction handles the many items that our missions provide and makes sure that our disciples are well equipped. The merit points' system was her creation which helped in bringing the sect to a new height!"

"Linus is the envoy sent by Kate, the leader of the faction that handles the inscribed items and manages the teleportation matrixes. Everyone in her faction studies formations or inscriptions and it's pointless to express the importance of her services."

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"Seth is the envoy sent by Bruce, the leader of the faction that handles the raids on the resources that the continent sends to its representatives here. His faction makes sure that our sect doesn't lack cultivation resources or techniques, allowing us to continue to nurture promising disciples."

However, when they felt Roy's stern gaze on them, they soon calmed down.

What angered them was Noah's lack of consideration rather than the actual loss of a future rank 3 cultivator, they felt as if their factions weren't equally valued by the man in front of them.

Linus and Seth smiled, they were happy that Noah had taken interest in them and gladly explained more about their work.

"Kate is a genius when it comes to formations, she makes sure that our connections with the surface remain hidden to the continent's investigations. The member of our factions can study under her or under other inscription masters. Also, they have free access to the research facilities of the sect where precious materials and peculiar environments are provided."

Linus was the first to speak, he had a calm demeanor as he described his faction.

'My ability in the Elemental forging method would further improve if I was to join them. Yet, I can't use normal inscription methods, those masters wouldn't be able to teach me much.'

Noah sorted the information in his mind, evaluating the pros and cons.

"We are thieves. We raid the precious s.h.i.+pments that arrive from the continent or attack the secret inventories that the legal organizations set up on the islands. Our work is not exactly safe but we are the ones who provide the cultivation resources to the sect, which means that we are allowed to keep a few of them for ourselves."

Seth spoke and Noah's eyes lit up.

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