Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 354 - 354. Meeting

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Noah was in his cave, a deep wound was on his waist as he cultivated the Dantian's opening technique.

"Breath" of the darkness element was attracted inside the dark vortex, entering his dantian and enlarging its form.

That was the second time that week that he cultivated, only three days had pa.s.sed since his last training session.

After a few hours, he stopped, injecting the liquid "Breath" in the membrane around his heart inside his circulatory system to heal his injuries.

In about ten minutes, all his wounds were healed.

Then, he took a bottle containing a dense azure liquid from his s.p.a.ce-ring and drank half of its contents.

A cold sensation filled his low waist, Noah focused his mental energy on that spot to inspect the effects of the potion.

His dantian, which seemed perfectly healthy before, showed signs of further healing.

The scars created after Noah's unorthodox cultivation technique slowly disappeared and the walls of the organ seemed to a.s.sume a metallic nature under the nourishment of the potion.

After half an hour, the cold sensation disappeared and Noah heaved a sigh of relief.

'This potion is indeed perfect for my situation, my dantian feels stronger already.'

Noah thought as he retracted the mental energy from his body.

That was the third time that he used the Sea snake's tears and he could clearly feel the positive effects that it had on his center of power.

Not even two weeks had pa.s.sed since his battle with Perry and had exited his cave only once in that period.

The reason for that was because he wanted to spend his merit points to purchase more potions.

'Each bottle is enough for two treatments. This is my second bottle and half of its contents are gone, considering that I still have nine bottles left, I can cultivate peacefully for nine weeks and a half.'

With the help of the potion, Noah resolved himself to perform the Dantian's opening twice per week, meaning that he would expend one bottle of the Sea snake's tears each week.

'A bit more than two months, I will be forced to complete more missions after that.'

After testing the effects of the potion, Noah didn't dare to cultivate without it.

Unorthodox techniques were dangerous, Noah had been forced to train in the Forging of the Seven in the past because the Balvan family didn't give him any other option.

Yet, this time, he was training in a dangerous technique by his own will.

Since his cultivation speed was already fast, he would rather train safely now that he found a method to reduce the aftereffects of his technique.

Also, he had nothing to do in the days between each training session, he could easily use that time to gather merit points.

'Roy should be almost over with the meetings, I wonder if the various leaders will agree to my request.'

The last time that he spoke with Roy, Noah had asked information about the various factions.

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Yet, Roy could only give him a general overview of their fields of interest, he wasn't aware of the actual benefits that each faction enjoyed.

Noah opened the notebook to the first page, the name "Roy" could be seen written on it and Noah probed it with his mental energy when he saw that it was s.h.i.+ning.

'The meeting is tonight, in the residential area of the cultivators in the third rank. I'll be there as a mediator.'

Roy's words resounded in his mental sphere.

The notebook was a simple inscribed item that could store the mental imprint of a mage, it created a connection between another item of the same kind and allowed for two cultivators to send messages even when they were far apart.

Of course, the communication distance depended on the level of the mage and on the quality of the item, Noah's notebook was only in the first rank, it barely covered the surface of the sect.

Noah closed the notebook and prepared himself, the sect was underground but it wasn't hard to understand what time it was for a cultivator, especially for someone with a rigid schedule like Noah.

A few hours later, he came out of his cave.

A few disciples were sitting on the ground and happily conversing but they stood up and performed a polite bow when they saw the entrance of Noah's cave opening.

"Zach, would you like to join us?"

One of the strongest disciples tried to invite him but Noah shook his head.

"I'm sorry, I have an important matter to handle. Let's do it another time."

Noah's answer was plain but it satisfied the disciple who simply watched him entering one of the purple tunnels to leave the residential area.

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