Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 34 - 34. Problem

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Since Noah found a way inside the cultivation world he completely disregarded any other type of knowledge, not that he had time to study anyway with his rigid schedule.

He only had a basic understanding of the political power system of this country and of the environment near his family's mansion.

The subdivision of power was similar to the feudal system from his previous world: small-size n.o.ble families would pay taxes to the medium-size ones in order to keep their territory; like this till the large-size n.o.ble families that answered only to the Royal family.

Any large-size n.o.ble family would be in control of a city, like the Shosti family with Mossgrove city, and would run it according to the orders of the Royal dynasty.

Yet, Noah's mind was mostly oblivious to any names concerning these topics, he focused so much in cultivation that he only barely remembered that this nation was called Utra.

'So there is an alternative! I would have known more if the cultivation topic wasn't so hidden to the public. I need to have one or two backup plans for when I leave the family.'

If there was one thing Noah was sure of, it would have been his departure from the Balvan family in the future.

He knew that his possibilities were limited in that environment due to his status as a b.a.s.t.a.r.d so he had no plan to stay, he would rather be a fugitive like Orson than spend his whole life serving n.o.bles, hoping one day to be rewarded.

'Unfortunately, I'm still weak, I should wait for my dantian to form and for my apt.i.tude to be determined before thinking of running away. I would also need a general plan on how to become stronger without the n.o.bles' support and there is the situation about my mother too...'

There were no immediate solutions to his problems, so he just chose that he would think about them when he had a clearer understanding of things.




Life kept going as usual in the outer circle.

With the exception of the ceremony for Susan's funeral, Noah did nothing but training and clearing magical beasts' packs.

It was a few days after he became 12 that a big event happened: his acupoints had completely stopped absorbing "Breath", his third cycle was completed!

In the next cycle, he will obtain a rank 2 body!

Right now, Noah was in the torture room below the guards building, he was screaming in pain tied to a metal table.

Willam was next to him, yelling the number of the acupoints he was going to destroy.

"All of the seven acupoints are destroyed, the whirl is forming, focus!"

Noah was, by then, used to the treatment or at least to its procedure.

The pain he would feel from having his acupoints broken was still as terrible as the other times, no matter how much he increased his mental energy he had to put all his concentration on managing to stay conscious.

The usual feeling of death approached Noah's mind but that could not make him flicker, he was completely focused on the "Breath" acc.u.mulating over his back.

After reaching a decent amount of density, he manipulated the "Breath" to enter and fill the s.p.a.ce where his acupoints previously were.

Yet, at that point, something unexpected happened: the "Breath", instead of acc.u.mulating in the empty places, was absorbed by his body.

The most worrying thing was that Noah didn't feel any increase of strength, the "Breath" had completely disappeared inside his body while the feeling of death was still getting closer at high speed.

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He tried again to flow "Breath" in the acupoints' previous spots but the same thing happened.

He completely disregarded the pain caused by the connection process and focused only on the barriers incubating the mixture of "Breath" and shards of bone.

The mixture, in the end, became solid and he felt an immense wave of strength running through him.

Like the previous times, he waited some more time before releasing the barriers around the newly formed acupoints in order to be completely sure that the treatment went well.

His body felt extremely strong.

His mind was tired and his mental energy was almost completely expended, but there was no pain coming from his back.

He gave a powerful pull with his arms and the metal chains tying his hands broke.

Then he did the same with his legs and the chains holding them shattered.

He stood up on the metal table trying to sense his body but his mind was too tired from the pain he had endured to size his new strength precisely.

William, in the meantime, was smiling warmly looking at him, he was proud of this disciple continuously surpa.s.sing any difficulty with determination and bravery.

Noah got down from the table and bowed to his Master, it was the first time he could do that right after finis.h.i.+ng the treatment.

"Thanks a lot, Master. Oh right, it seems that since my body broke through I won't need to be bedridden this time so we can spar tomorrow, I'm eager to feel the strength of my new body!"

The smile on William's face disappeared, replaced by an irritated expression.

"You d.a.m.ned workaholic, tomorrow you will clean this room to get rid of the filth that your body expelled! And you will do extra missions to repay my handcuffs!"

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