Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 323 - 323. Sea

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The blood dispersed in the sea during the battle with the Sea turtle would attract other magical beasts, Noah was sure of it.

'It's a pity that the Blood drain spell is only up to the second rank, killing rank 4 beasts is quite easy now.'

The Blood drain spell had helped Noah in shortening the amount of time required for his body to reach the third rank, he held in high regard the mechanism behind such spell.

'Transforming the blood of an enemy into nourishment for my own body, that sound precisely like a magical beast. It's a pity, I can't use it since my level is too high and I don't even have a body-nouris.h.i.+ng method to absorb the energy gathered in that way.'

The Yin body was a rank 4 body-nouris.h.i.+ng method, it had brought Noah to the peak of the lower tier of the fourth rank but now it couldn't be used anymore.

The Yin body was formed, Noah needed a stronger nouris.h.i.+ng method if he wanted to resume training his body.

'It's not really a problem right now, being in the fourth rank gives enough s.p.a.ce for my other centers of power to grow, it doesn't apply any limitation yet.'

Noah thought about his previous nouris.h.i.+ng methods, he knew that obtaining something in the fifth rank wouldn't be easy, creating a technique from nothing seemed more doable.

After all, who held methods and techniques in the fifth rank?

Only the biggest powerhouses of each nation could hope to see such rare scrolls.

Also, cultivators in the heroic ranks would start to detach themselves from the human species, they would become ent.i.ties with their individualities.

'I don't even know if it's worth training in a rank 5 method, creating a technique that fits myself would be perfect, but…'

But Noah didn't have much experience in the training of the body.

The Forging of the Seven didn't need for Noah to cultivate and the Yin body had already reconstructed his body, Noah was left with no ideas on how to improve.

'I'll think about it when the limitations return, my dantian is still in the second rank and I don't have a rank 3 cultivation technique either. Creating one for it should be easier though, I have already a few ideas.'

Noah had diligently cultivated till that moment, automatizing that procedure as much as he could, it was normal that he felt more experienced in cultivation techniques.

'Here they come.'

His mental energy detected something approaching from the distance, interrupting his thoughts.

'A pack of Toxic blowfishes, they are basically worthless for me.'

Noah stood up from the "Breath" blessing and deployed his wings to fly toward the incoming magical beasts.

The blowfishes were only in the second or third rank, they were the first to notice the corpse of the Sea turtle and they immediately began to swim toward it.

The body of a rank 4 creature held an unimaginable amount of "Breath", it was an irresistible meal for those weak beasts.

However, they were of no use for Noah.

He simply limited himself to fly toward the pack and launch a few fuming wind slashes.

The black smoke devoured the area of the sea where the beasts were swimming, vanquis.h.i.+ng the pack in a few instants.

'Rank 3 beasts are just ants when I use spells.'

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That realization made Noah sigh as he returned to the sh.e.l.l to cultivate.

Noah shook his head at that sight and returned to the sh.e.l.l.

The smoke released by his wind slashes had hurt the rank 4 creature, dispersing some of its blood in the sea, creating an even bigger bait for the beasts of the sea.

'At this pace, I might refill my dantian without gathering any material, maybe this area isn't that populated.'

The rank 4 dolphin had escaped because it realized the difference in power between it and Noah, its hunger wasn't that pressing so it had smartly decided to escape.

'The sea is just as it was described in the academy, huge and filled with threats.'

Noah concluded in his mind.

The magical beasts' course in the academy had taught him the differences between the land and the sea.

The sea had more magical beasts but was also incredibly huge, the strongest creatures were on its depths, silently absorbing the "Breath" in their solitary slumber.

'I wonder if there is something on the level of the Albino snake right below me… I still have to uncover the secrets behind the high density of "Breath" in Twilboia cliff too.'

Noah dreamed of the time when he could just barge into that cliff and kill the giant snake that had almost killed him when he still didn't have a dantian.

'I'll be sure to snore on your dead body, d.a.m.ned snake.'

He was forced to interrupt his fantasy since his mental energy sensed three rank 4 creatures swimming at high speed toward him.

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