Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 316 - 316. Bait

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A spell powered by the power of a rank 3 sea of consciousness;

Inscribed weapons with the power at the peak of the second rank;

The Second Form of the Ashura performed after the sudden acceleration of another rank 4 martial art.

Noah's offensive was making use of his most powerful abilities to produce incredible results!

The two red soldiers were astonished seeing that their weapons were cut without even being able to slow Noah's offensive, they watched at the black sabers reached their necks to sever their heads in one powerful slas.h.!.+

Just a few seconds had pa.s.sed since the Empire tried to encircle Noah but three cultivators in the solid stage had already died!

'My martial art is somewhat able to fix the issue with the Second Form, sparring with Nina was indeed useful.'

Noah was satisfied with his performance, his ample preparations were paying off in the battlefield.

The sight of three red soldiers dying so easily made the surviving ones reach one simple conclusion.

'We can't stop him!'

That realization shook their minds.

Ten red cultivators weren't able to restrain a single blue one, that scene didn't seem real, events like that happened only in legends and were performed by widely known geniuses.

Yet, their eyes weren't lying to them.

In the valley at the borders of the Odrea country, in one of the training grounds of the Empire, a hooded cultivator, seemingly appeared out of nowhere, was defying their deep-rooted beliefs about the hierarchy of power.

Though, being unable to kill him didn't mean that Noah couldn't be defeated.

The soldiers of the Empire were quick in their decision to retreat, they knew that they had to change their battle tactic.

Noah saw the seven red figures returning to the ranks of the red soldiers and cast another Mental tremor.

The mental beam chased one soldier and crashed on his mental sphere, killing him on the spot.

Then, he dispersed his Demonic form and hastily ate one pill from his s.p.a.ce-ring, he needed to refill his reserves of "Breath", that short battle had depleted far too much of the energy contained in his dantian.

'I need to reach the solid stage as soon as I can. d.a.m.n, being too powerful can also be an issue.'

Noah cursed in his mind as he chewed another pill, his dantian was slowly refilled by the generic "Breath" contained in those drugs.

Pills and potion couldn't replace the actual energies of the centers of power, they were only a temporary solution to a shortage of "Breath" and mental energy.

'Now, I should create some more chaos before the second wave of red cultivators arrives.'

Noah smiled under his hood and resumed his killing inside the army of the Empire.

The blue soldiers were scared, they had seen how not even the joint effort of the red robes was able to stop Noah, they began to retreat as soon as he focused on them.

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A black cloud created a dead zone and a black hood was working hard to do the same, the blue cultivators could only focus on defending, hoping to clash with the ethereal sabers of the First Form rather than with the two real ones.

The red soldiers were surprised, they were inside their army after all, only Noah was supposed to be there.

What they didn't realize was that a few red cultivators of the Odrea army had taken advantage of the chaos in the battlefield to sneak inside the enemy army to support Noah!

The Instabilities exploded, they were the new weapons created after Noah became a rank 3 mage, their blasts were far stronger than their previous version.

Spikes shot in every direction, the red soldiers of the Empire were defenseless, they could only watch the hooded figure being enveloped by black flames and disappearing before the spikes reached him.

In their dying moments, they realized that Noah was only the bait for this trap.

A big cloud of gray smoke was created on that part of the battlefield while black flames appeared in another one, Noah came out of them unscathed and ready to unleash another wave of destruction.

The army of the Empire had already lost too much, casualties in the blue ranks were a common sight, they could be refilled easily.

Yet, the red ones were elites at the peak of the second rank, they were far more important than those p.a.w.ns.

Due to Noah's trap, thirty red soldiers had died, coupled with the four that he had killed to create that situation, Noah's achievements had surpa.s.sed all his previous battles.

There were only two hundred red soldiers in each army after all, Noah had basically removed one quarter of their power.

'The easy part is done, they will focus on defense now. It's time to use the new Hidden blasts.'

Noah thought as he continued to slaughter blue soldiers, he knew that the battle was still far from over.

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