Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 315 - 315. Sprint

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A black cloud was quickly formed around Noah, his fiendish appearance had changed again after the roots in his sea of consciousness entangled themselves on the third Kesier rune.

The horns and the tail of the Demonic form had grown and Noah's fingers had become sharp pointy fangs, the spell now made him look like a real demon rather than a human figure with a gaseous armor.

The "Breath" in his dantian depleted quickly, the liquid "Breath" wasn't enough to sustain a spell with the power of the third rank so Noah's reserves diminished at a fast pace, hurrying him to end the battle as fast as he could.

The ten red cultivators stopped their tracks at the sight of the black smoke, the amount of danger that they felt coming from it surpa.s.sed that of his black sabers, they had no confidence in safely crossing it.

That's why, after a brief pause, they all began to cast their spells.

The soldiers of the Empire had created a large empty area around Noah, they didn't want to get caught in his battle with the red troops.

That's why the cultivators in the solid stage didn't hesitate to launch spells, the area was empty after all, they wouldn't hurt their allies with those destructive attacks.

Ice shards, fireb.a.l.l.s, and beasts of various elements shot toward Noah at high speed, he watched how those spells cut the air, aiming to crash on his exposed figure.

'Even if my Demonic form is in the third rank now, defending from so many spells will just deplete more of my "Breath", it's not worth it.'

The spells seemed to slow their pace as soon as he began to think, the thinking speed of a rank 3 sea of consciousness gave him the feeling that the world around him was slowing down as he pondered on his next step.

'It's time to use my martial art.'

Noah concluded in his mind and pressed twice on the terrain while bending his body in a half crouched position.

A shock-wave resounded on the battlefield, the ground under Noah's foot cracked and a deep mark was dug in it.

As for Noah, his leap surpa.s.sed the maximum speed that his body was able to reach, making him dodge all the spells at once!


The spells of the red cultivators converged in his previous position, creating a loud explosion that sent destructive shockwaves in every direction.

Those were the most powerful attacks of cultivators in the solid stage of the second rank after all, their power couldn't be underestimated.

Yet, Noah dodged them quite easily, the effectiveness of a martial art that focused on movement could be already seen!

'I have only thirty more of these sprints, I need to use them well.'

Noah thought as he redirected his gaze toward one of the red soldiers around him.

His martial art used refined "Breath" to function, Noah had used the same procedure of the Elemental forging method to surpa.s.s the limits that the diagram of a rank 0 spell had.

That meant that Noah had to store some "Breath" already imbued with his will in his sea of consciousness to perform his martial art in battle.

His mental sphere had enlarged after the breakthrough but it still couldn't even get close to the storage capabilities of a dantian, the amount of refined "Breath" that Noah could keep with him all the time was limited.

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Of course, before this battle, he had refined all the "Breath" inside his mind to be ready to use his martial art as much as he could.

In a few instants, his mental sphere completely crumbled, dispersing the soldier's thoughts in the material world.

A cultivator in the solid stage died in one attack!

'The Mental tremor fits my current level more, it basically only uses mental energy, allowing me to avoid the issue with my weak "Breath".'

Noah judged while he moved his gaze toward the other soldiers.

They looked in fear at the fiend that had killed one of their companions with one simple look but they still launched another wave of spells.

Noah performed again his martial art, shooting toward two red soldiers close to each other.

A trail of black smoke was left in the air as Noah neared the cultivators, the corrosive cloud was slowly filling all the empty area in the Empire's army and was threatening to reach the blue soldiers.

A spear and a hammer appeared in Noah's path, the weapons of the two red soldiers were inscribed items, Noah could see that their power wasn't low.

Yet, he didn't stop.

Six arms converged into two to perform two horizontal swings, the black sabers bent the air as they cut toward the soldiers.

Everyone on the scene could see how the attacks of the fiendish figure cut the inscribed weapons in a half before severing the heads of both soldiers.

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