Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 306 - 306. Nina

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Noah wasn't exactly what was called a sociable person.

His only real interest was his personal power which generally occupied all his thoughts.

Yet, that didn't mean that he was completely detached from the usual human emotions, he still felt them but he had far more important things to do.

The truth was that he pitied the woman a bit.

'Born in a prison, forced to fight for her country, life here mustn't be easy.'

He understood her situation because he had lived a similar one too.

'She also reminds me of June, their appearance is totally different though.'

Seeing her battle outfit and her spontaneous answers, Noah couldn't help but think about that wild girl with whom he had shared his life in the academy.

Her image unconsciously appeared in his mind, her long silver hair casually laying on her white skin were a memory that gave him some peaceful sensations.

There were really a few persons in his second life that he could trust and June was one of them, well, he was sure that she had no ill intentions toward him at least.

Yet, recalling her also reminded him of the reason why he was in that situation and he couldn't help but make that statement.


She asked, she wanted a more detailed explanation.

Noah didn't mind speaking to her, his cultivation wasn't hindered by that action and he felt that interaction quite pleasant.

Being always alone was a habit of his but that didn't mean that he couldn't enjoy a normal conversation.

"The powerful exploits the weak to become even more powerful. The Utra nation is ruled by n.o.bles who detain the cultivation methods of the country, commoners are treated like beasts or turned into loyal soldiers, no one can escape that fate."

Noah spoke calmly, he knew exactly how the n.o.ble families managed that nation.

"But you did it, right?"

She asked but Noah simply shook his head.

"I just exchanged one prison with a bigger one, freedom seems to always escape my grasp."

Balvan mansion, the Royal family, the Odrea nation, everywhere he went, he would always end up in the same situation.

"Well, rejoice! We are all prisoners here!"

She laughed again, trying to lift Noah's morale a bit before she resumed her stare on the upward pa.s.sage.

"My name is Nina in case you were wondering."


Noah plainly replied.

"I was sure it was Noah… You might not remember it but I was there the day you were captured."

Nina said in a playful tone.

"Call me whatever you want, it's not like you can spread this information to my enemies."

"Oh my, you even have enemies, maybe you should really be a prisoner."

That last line made Noah chuckle, he couldn't help but agree with her.

"You can even laugh! Can you do that again in front of the other soldiers? No one would believe me otherwise…"

Nina playfully mocked Noah, making him enjoy her company even more.

They spoke for a long time, Nina basically told him her whole life, she seemed really happy to have found someone that didn't know her.

The whole nation was concentrated in one city after all, they all knew each other and the monthly battles further deepened their relations.h.i.+ps.

Then, Noah interrupted his cultivation and jumped off the "Breath" blessing, carefully taking it back in his s.p.a.ce-ring.

"It's time for me to go, I need to rest. Just know that I've appreciated your company."

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Noah slightly smiled as he spoke those words but Nina snorted.

His days were carefully planned, he had time for activities that weren't training or forging.

Also, cultivators had great control over their bodies, there wasn't any chance for her to get pregnant.

Ultimately, Noah simply wanted her.

She was beautiful and funny, Noah had initially refused because he was wary of any hidden meaning behind her actions but she was simply doing that for herself.

The monthly battles placed a heavy burden on each of the soldiers of the Odrea nation, they needed ways to vent that pressure.

Nina wanted Noah and simply went for him, resorting to a blunt request when she saw that he didn't make any move.

Noah spent what remained of the night in her room with her and fell asleep with her head laying on his chest.

When he woke up in the morning, he carefully moved her away to resume his forgings.

Even if he had indulged in those happy moments, he didn't forget his duties.

Nina woke up after noticing the missing body below her.

"You really never rest, do you?"

"Remember that I'm doing this for your nation."

Nina complained but Noah's answer was ready, she couldn't reply in any way.

She sighed and dressed herself before crouching next the cross-legged Noah and kissing him on his cheek.

"Can I come here tomorrow too?"

She asked with the same timid tone of the previous night.

Noah placed the materials for the Instabilities on the floor and opened his mouth to say a single word.


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