Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 303 - 303. Arming

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The third battle ended, confirming the spectacular victory of the Odrea nation.

Almost all the blue soldiers of the Empire had been killed and many red ones had suffered the same fate, the Empire had never experienced such huge losses.

It couldn't be helped, Noah had disrupted their formation and instilled the fear for the Instabilities in their minds, the soldiers simply couldn't focus on the battle after that.

"That was amazing! When will you arm us with those weapons?"

Logan excitedly asked as he saw Noah exiting the valley.

"I should have around fifty Instabilities ready for the next battle. You saw their effects, I'll leave the battle tactic to you."

The Instabilities were powerful but they needed to be used in the proper way to produce satisfying results.

Noah had studied battle formations in the academy but he had always fought alone, he had little experience in that field.

Instead, Logan was the appointed captain of the blue soldiers, his cultivation level and experience made him the perfect man for the creation of a battle tactic that involved the inscribed weapons.

"That many!? Does the inventory even have that many rank 4 materials?"

Logan's worries were understandable.

He had no knowledge about the inscription field but he knew some of the specifics of Noah's creations, he was aware of the expenditure of precious materials.

"One Brown hedgehog in the fourth rank has enough spikes for ten Instabilities. The inventory has enough bodies for two hundred more bombs, I'll swap to another material after that."

Noah explained the situation to him, giving Logan a detailed picture could only benefit the next battles.

"Just one thing, you'll need to practice a bit before using the Instabilities. I can use them skillfully because I'm the one that has created them but you need to be careful, I don't want to be blamed if one of them explodes in your hands."

Logan nodded at those words.

"Give us some instruction and leave it to me, I'll handle my soldiers."

After Logan rea.s.sured him, Noah went to the Mausoleum and resumed his cycle of training and forging.

He was really using his time in the best possible way.

His cultivation was steadily increasing, his mind was becoming stronger, and he was also acc.u.mulating useful experience in the Elemental forging method.

The continuous absorption and usage of the "Breath" in his mental sphere further increased the expansion speed of his sea of consciousness, he had never trained his mind so efficiently.

One month pa.s.sed quickly.

Noah successfully delivered fifty Instabilities to Logan and explained many times the connection between the quant.i.ty of "Breath" injected and the delay of the explosion.

He didn't really know how Logan intended to use them so he wanted to be sure that some careless soldier wasn't going to set them off next to him.

The power of the Instabilities was great, Noah would have to enter the complete Demonic form to protect himself from them.

The truth was that he had managed to forge more than just fifty bombs, he could only create two Instabilities per day at the beginning of the month but, towards its end, he had increased the production to three per day.

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That surplus was added to his secret stash, he didn't really care if Leo noticed it, he needed them for his personal protection.

Noah nodded before asking what really interested him.

"We will launch them right after the exchange of spells, I suggest you don't barge into the enemy's army this time."

'Not that I wanted to.'

Noah thought.

He knew that the Empire had its eyes on him, he had created too much havoc in two of the three battles that he had fought.

'I will die if they manage to encircle me with red cultivators, I should just lay low for a while.'

Laying low didn't mean that he would stop attempting on the lives of the red soldiers but that he would stop attracting so much attention on himself.

'The Odrea nation can take the fight head-on, I will just be on the sidelines reaping the benefits.'

The battle started a few hours later.

Spells were launched right after midday, they were the attack with which each battle began.

It couldn't be helped, spells had a wide area of effect, they would most likely hurt the allies if they were launched after the two armies collided.

Yet, that time, some blue soldiers from the Odrea nation stopped their charge to throw spiked spheres toward the opposing army.

Noah saw that scene and immediately slowed his a.s.sault, he wasn't sure of those soldiers' ability so he decided to wait for the detonations before reaching the army of the Empire.

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