Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 298 - 298. Demonstration

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Instability was an inscribed item created from two rank 4 magical beasts.

The core of the item was obtained by the skin of a Magmatic whale, it was a really hard material that could contain large quant.i.ties of energy.

The skin was processed in the form of a sphere that was then coated with the spikes of a Brown hedgehog.

Both materials came from rank 4 creatures and had different elements: the whale was a fire-type beast while the hedgehog was of the earth element.

The item formed in that way was highly unstable, Noah had to use the Magmatic whale as its core just to force it to maintain its spherical form.

As for the will imbued in the "Breath" inside it, Noah quickly found a suitable one.

The sharpness of the saber that cut the sky wasn't a good match and the propulsion of a plane setting off was the same, Noah had to imagine something different for the Instability.

Luckily for him, his previous world didn't lack images and movies portraying explosions, Noah had just to think at the most powerful one and then increase its might inside his mind.

The result of that mental journey was a supernova destroying every planet in its reach.

"How does it work?"

Luke inspected with great interest the spiked sphere in his hands, he couldn't help but feel the large quant.i.ty of "Breath" contained inside it.

"You inject "Breath" inside it and then you throw it. An explosion with the power of the liquid stage of the second rank will occur, creating damages in the area of the impact. The spikes around it will be shot together with the explosion and, since they come from a rank 4 beast, they are potentially able to hurt even red cultivators."

Luke listened to Noah's explanation with wide eyes.

From what he understood, the item in his hands had the power of a spell with the only disadvantage being that it could only be used once.

Luke's eyes began to be filled with eagerness as he stared at that simple-looking sphere.

"As I said already, the delay before the explosion must be tuned before it can be used in battle, you don't want that thing to explode in your hands, right?"

Noah guessed the meaning behind Luke's gaze and promptly warned him, he had been injured more than once as he experimented with the Instability.

"When will it be ready for the monthly battles?"

Luke gave the sphere back to Noah as he asked that question.

The power inside the item was the proof that Noah could really inscribe weapons, his tone immediately became more respectful.

"I should have a few prototypes for the testing phase next month, I need to change its composition to optimize your resources and I want to reduce the variabilities to the minimum to make it more reliable. This one should be the most powerful in its category, do you want to see how it works?"

Noah raised the spiked sphere in the air and smiled toward Luke, he was also quite eager to test its power.

The theory was all there but he had to limit its tests during the past month, it wasn't exactly safe to activate a grenade in a closed environment.

"Sure! Any empty area is fine, right?"




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One hour later, Noah, Luke, Lisa, her other protector, and Logan, stood in an empty mountain right over a slope.

"Hmph, I still believe that it's a waste to use two rank 4 materials to create a disposable item that can't even reach the third rank."

Leo expressed his disagreement with Noah's forging.

"I agree, I will use the next month to replace the skin of the whale, I believe that I can obtain a similar power even with its rank 3 version."

Noah spoke, approving Leo's complaint.

Then, he injected "Breath" in the sphere before throwing it over the defensive layer of water.

He didn't follow the trail of the instability with his eyes but hurriedly crouched behind the layer, he wanted to be sure of his safety.

The sphere wasn't able to fly that far away, Noah had injected too much "Breath", accelerating the internal destabilization.


An explosion rang in the sky, the Instability exploded right next to the water wall.

Yet, the power of the liquid stage couldn't even make the spell of a rank 3 mage tremble, the cultivators behind it could clearly make out the power behind the blast.

However, the spikes came immediately after.

They were fuming due to the high temperatures released from the blast and they shot in every direction.

Tens of heated spikes crashed on the layer of water created by Leo, stabbing themselves inside it.

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