Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 296 - 296. Variety

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"That... we have tons of them in our inventory. They are usually used by our blacksmiths to forge weapons but, since the number of our soldiers continued to decline, we have more than we need."

"Do you have rank 4 magical beasts among them?"

Noah's request surprised Lisa but she still nodded.

Rank 4 corpses were hard to process and it would be a waste to use them to create simple weapons, they had basically been untouched since the death of the ancestor.

"Good, I need to inspect them. My method requires precious materials, I need a certain combination of body-parts to create something effective."

Rank 3 materials were too frail, they could barely handle Noah's "Breath" and mental energy.

Also, using rank 4 beasts would almost ensure the power of the inscribed item, it will be in the second rank by simply using only one of those materials.

"We will bring you to the inventory tomorrow. You should rest now, I believe that you are still tired from the war."

Lisa spoke in a concerned tone.

The battle had ended only a few hours ago, Noah could still feel its weight all over his body.

However, he shook his head at those words.

"I cultivate at night."

It was with those words that he exited the pa.s.sage and entered the second layer.

He walked calmly in the bright room, the pressure radiated from the formation was still not enough to halt his advance.

The pressure increased as he moved toward the end of the underground chamber, Noah guessed that the ancestor had planned that when he created that training ground.

'The end of the second layer should be for those nearing the third rank of the dantian, yet, my mental sphere should be able to endure the pressure.'

The density of the "Breath" slightly increased as he moved forward, Noah found its concentration acceptable as he reached the end of the room.

'The pressure on my mind is also quite strong, I should cultivate here from the time being.'

The piece of "Breath" blessing came out from his s.p.a.ce-ring and Noah calmly sat on it.

His back was on the wall and his body faced the pa.s.sage for the first layer where Luke and Lisa were staring at him with incredulous expressions.

Even some of the soldiers in the room had opened their eyes to look at the young man calmly cultivating over the square blue crystal, the density of "Breath" had increased because of that, it was impossible to overlook such a change.

"How can his sea of consciousness be so stable? And where did he find such a precious mineral?"

Lisa watched Noah closing his eyes and cultivate, he seemed unmoved by the radiation of the formation.

"He is indeed full of surprises."

Luke said before taking Lisa away from the Mausoleum.




Noah cultivated for the entirety of the night.

He stopped as soon as the quant.i.ty of "Breath" absorbed by the black vortex began to diminish, signaling the arrival of the day.

Even in that room and with the "Breath" blessing, the density of "Breath" wasn't enough to avoid the limitation of his cultivation technique.

'I wish I had that big boulder found in the sixth layer of the Royal Inheritance, I would reach the solid stage in no time with that!'

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He then remembered his nature and smiled bitterly as he took back the mineral below him and walked outside of the Mausoleum.

Three hours were enough for his mental sphere to be completely refilled, he was nearing the third rank after all.

The fatigue also quickly vanished, he had a rank 4 body, its regenerative proprieties and endurance were inhumane.

When he woke up, he hastily bathed before following the soldier.

They went toward the outskirts of the city where Lisa and her two protectors were calmly waiting for Noah.

They didn't seem annoyed by the delay of his arrival, the reports had clearly stated that Noah had spent the whole night cultivating.

"We have a formation around the inventory to diminish the rate at which the materials deteriorate, please follow me."

Lisa spoke, before leading him in a simple-looking building outside of the range of the inhabited buildings.

'How many corpses can this structure even store?'

Noah had his doubts but they were soon solved as soon as he entered the building.

Inside, thousands of magical beasts' bodies were casually laid on the terrain.

The s.p.a.ce inside the structure was far bigger than the one he had imagined from outside it, Noah couldn't help but think of it as a separate dimension.

"Will this number do?"

Lisa honestly asked, she really didn't know the number of materials required for inscriptions.

"Yes, this will definitely do."

Noah's answered, his eyes shone at the sight of such a variety of magical beasts.

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