Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 286 - 286. Training ground

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One thousand soldiers for each side, they were staring at each other with animosity and stern expressions.

Yet, there were differences in their att.i.tudes.

The soldiers from the Odrea nation were solemn and focused, they were fighting for their country after all, they were the line of defense that protected their loved ones.

Those from the Empire, instead, had a more relaxed att.i.tude.

They were worried about the imminent battle but they didn't seem that interested in its outcome, also, they seemed far more inexperienced.

'These are just new troops of the Empire while we have experienced soldiers on this side, what a joke.'

Noah understood the meaning behind that battle.

"So, you exchanged your future to become a training ground?"

He couldn't help but ask that question to Logan.

"We do what we must to survive."

His answer was cold, he didn't appreciate Noah's mocking.

'They are just using your determination to train new soldiers though, I bet that they give away rewards based on their performance.'

Noah had seen a similar situation both in his mansion and in the academy.

'The battle in this country is just a mission for them, they will receive rewards based on their performance and some privilege for their partic.i.p.ation. The determination of the two sides is on a completely different level.'

One fought for their country, the other fought for benefits, it was obvious who would prevail.

Yet, the objective of the Empire wasn't to win but to train new soldiers while slowly weakening the Odrea nation.

'No wonder they survived for such a long time, the Empire hasn't a better use for them.'

They had given away their techniques, forever sealing their path toward higher levels, and they were also providing a training ground for new soldiers, what would the Empire gain more from conquering them?

'They are no different from the slaves mining Vostum, they are simply used in a different way.'

Noah sighed, he was beginning to understand the amount of desperation that they had felt through the years.

"Adam, you will join the blue troops on the left side. We usually fight according to our colors so you should only face cultivators on your level."

Logan rea.s.sured Noah while explaining his battle tactic.

"You know, I don't fight well when I'm surrounded by allies, my strength will be affected."

Noah complained but Logan simply snorted at those words.

"That's your problem, you are part of our country now. Kill as many as you can while protecting those around you, these are your orders."

Then, he pointed toward the left side of the valley, he was ordering Noah to take his position.

He didn't waste time and went where Logan had pointed, he was soon surrounded by soldiers wearing blue robes, the army was slowly taking the position.

Meanwhile, at the top of one of the mountain peaks.

Lisa followed by her two protectors was coldly looking at a man on the other side of the formation.

"Lady Lisa, you are becoming more beautiful with each pa.s.sing day."

The man bowed toward her as he spoke those words.

"Hmph, keep your c.r.a.p for yourself, Seth, I'm here just to watch the battle."

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One of her protectors took a chair from his s.p.a.ce-ring and placed it on the ground.

"And the Empire is thankful for that. Your help in taking away the trash from our ranks is really appreciated."

Seth bowed again, there was some truth behind his mocking words.

The battles against the Odrea country were used as a form of training for their new troops.

The Empire was able to skim the ranks of the soldiers, reducing their numbers and obtaining experienced cultivators under their domain.

Weak soldiers were a burden after all, even for a big country like the Empire.

However, by skimming them in a war, they managed to keep a high standard for their cultivators.

Strength was everything, the Empire had no need for cultivators with a weak battle prowess.

Seth then raised his head and looked toward the sun before quickly lowering it again.

"It's beginning."

Down in the valley, Noah was in the vanguard position among other soldiers.

The red and black troops were behind them, they were the first line of attack.

A cultivator with a black robe was in front of them, carefully inspecting the position of the sun.

He then raised his hand, the atmosphere in the army immediately became tenser.

Then, he lowered it in a fast motion, loudly shouting to the soldiers behind him.

"To battle!"

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