Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 279 - 279. Lord

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'My centers of power are my life, I'd rather die than allow you to seal them!'

Those were Noah's thoughts after he heard the man's order.

Noah had based his reason to live on cultivation, his whole second life had been focused on that.

Hearing that his centers of power could be sealed had triggered a wave of unparalleled anger in him, he had dropped any kind of pretense at that threat.

The cultivators nearing him had all a dantian in the solid stage of the second rank but they stopped their tracks at the sight of the black smoke.

They felt danger from it, they couldn't help but take the threat seriously.

Also, Noah's declaration was backed by his chilling pressure, it was with a stern expression that they watched the young man wielding a pair of sabers and getting ready to fight.

"What is your name?"

The man in charge spoke again, Noah's seriousness actually made him take a step back.


Noah understood that something had changed and answered him.

"I mean your real name."

Noah's eyes sharpened at that request.

He hadn't revealed his real ident.i.ty in a long time but that situation was really dangerous.

The cultivators encircling him were at least in the liquid stage of the second rank, he knew that he would probably die if they began to attack him.

"I'm Noah Balvan, I'm a criminal from the Utra nation."

Noah revealed his most hidden information.

Noah and the man stared at each other for a while.

The man knew that Noah was being serious.

The black smoke coming out of him gave him a dangerous feeling but he had the advantage in numbers, he knew that he could kill or capture him.

However, was it worth it?

A man willing to die only to inflict more damage was the most dangerous one, he didn't really want to lose any soldier for a simple capture.

"Come with me, I'll take you to the Lord as a guest."

Those words caused a lot of surprised gazed in the cultivators around Noah.

'Lord? Is he someone in the heroic ranks?'

Noah hesitated, he couldn't really match a cultivator that powerful but he couldn't even win against those around him, he didn't have that many options.

The man understood his worries and spoke to ease them.

"The strongest cultivators of this country are in the third rank of the dantian, if you decide to die, you can do that fighting them. I said that you will be treated as a guest so you can be a.s.sured that we won't imprison you, you have my word."

Silence fell again in the area, Noah wouldn't believe the man's word so easily.

"I believe that you will die while killing half of us, please believe me when I say that you'll be safe."

The man spoke again to rea.s.sure Noah.

The truth was that Noah didn't have the slightest amount of confidence in surviving the joint a.s.sault of the cultivators around him, his anger came from the threat at his centers of power.

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"I'll believe you, for now."

"The Lord might be inexperienced but we have sworn to protect her, watch your tongue when you speak with her."

Noah shrugged his shoulders at Logan's request and continued to follow him.

They crossed ample halls and luxurious stairs until they arrived to the tallest point of the castle.

Noah found himself sitting in a wide room, the cultivators from before were still surrounding him and they even seemed to be more wary of his actions.

'They must really care about this Lord.'

Noah sighed, he only wanted to continue in his travel but the recent events forced him to arrive right at the center of Odrea nation.

'Well, I'll just kill as many as I can if they try something funny, I'm not scared of death.'

He had already died once and the Forging of the Seven had forced him to become used to that feeling.

Then, Noah's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of doors opening.

A gate at the bottom of the hall opened, revealing a young girl sided by two old cultivators.

They both had a long beard and a bald head, they seemed far stronger than the cultivators that surrounded Noah.

'Are they in the third rank?'

Noah couldn't understand their level so he moved his attention to the young girl.

She wasn't even eighteen, her long red hair was combed around a golden crown and her features were delicate, Noah couldn't help but think that she was quite cute.

She sat on a throne placed right in front of him and opened her mouth to speak.

"My men told me that a cultivator of the darkness element has invaded our country, is that true?"

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