Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 277 - 277. Movement

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The rank 4 Three-headed wolf was slow in its reaction time, losing two of its heads had greatly impacted its mental capabilities.

That's why, even though it could potentially match Noah's offensive, it was pushed back toward the edge of the circle of smoke.

Noah's offensive was relentless.

Twenty fuming sabers danced around him and continuously crashed on the wolf's body, the number of superficial injuries piled up, further weakening the beast.

Then, the wolf made a mistake.

It tried to move its weight on its frontal legs to pounce Noah but it wasn't able to realize that those legs had suffered an incredible amount of damage already!

Those limbs bent, unable to sustain the weight of the wolf, and left a long opening in the beast's defense.

Noah didn't waste that opportunity, the ethereal sabers around him disappeared and converged in his six arms as he lunged toward the remaining head.

Six sabers became one, curving the air where they pa.s.sed, and swiftly pierced the last head of the rank 4 creature.

The Three-headed wolves were different from the Excavating worms, they had a stronger body but they also had a clear weak point.

That weak point was precisely their head.

Noah had managed to destroy two of them due to the surprise effect of the Warp spell and the last one by exploiting the advantage previously created, his battle had been precise and without mistakes.

It was with a smile on his face that Noah watched as the wolf fell lifelessly on the ground, he had finally killed his first rank 4 creature all by himself!

'I depleted too much mental energy, I should retreat.'

Noah hurriedly took the body of the leader in his s.p.a.ce-ring and warped away after dispersing his Demonic form.

That fighting style comported a heavy burden to his mind, entering and dispersing the Demonic form consumed far more energy than simply fighting in that state.

Also, using the Warp spell as soon as the spell was turned off further increased that depletion.

It couldn't be helped, Noah had to use all his power when fighting a rank 4 beast, he couldn't hold back at all.

Yet, he now knew that his strength matched rank 4 creatures!

'I think that I'm still a bit weaker than the average beasts, I've killed this wolf because I managed to use my most powerful attack on its weak points twice.'

The advantage of using movement techniques to fight was evident, destroying two heads while the wolf couldn't react was what allowed him to use the First Form in the last part of the battle.

'My Second Form is now completely able to inflict real damages while my First Form still struggles to surpa.s.s the natural defenses of the beasts. It's fine, this was somewhat expected.'

Noah a.n.a.lyzed his battle from the top of a tree.

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His eyes casually observed as the pack of wolves below him erupted in a chaotic fight now that their leader was dead.

'The martial art that I have designed would perfectly combine with the Three Forms of the Ashura and would increase my battle prowess by a lot. It's a pity that my sea of consciousness still needs some time…'

The propulsion designed by Noah would have the weakness of being limited to ground usage but it would have far more advantages.

It would be highly maneuverable, allowing Noah to perform any kind of movement he wanted.

Also, it would expend far less energy since it was a martial art and not a spell, allowing Noah to use it without dispersing his Demonic form.

'Well, I can't force any breakthrough, I'm already stupidly strong for my age.'

Noah's most monstrous advancement concerned his mental sphere.

He was only a bit more than twenty-one but he was already thinking about reaching the third rank, that thought was simply madness for the cultivators of that world.

However, Noah had always relied on that advantage since his rebirth, even pus.h.i.+ng the limits of that center of power in the process.

Generally speaking, geniuses would become rank 3 mages around the age of thirty, they simply didn't have the means to further improve their training speed.

Mental spheres were quite fragile, they were hard to temper and even harder to enlarge, cultivators usually spent years to reinforce its walls.

'It should still take a year or two to breakthrough. Well, I might shorten that time by filling my head with "Breath" but that would leave me defenseless in this foreign environment. It's safer to just take it slow and steady.'

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