Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 274 - 274. Meaning

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Meanwhile, Noah stood up from his cross-legged position.

His eyes were focused, his mind had never been sharper.

He pressed twice on the terrain, applying basically no strength at all, and his foot released a shockwave that resounded throughout the cave.

'Rank 3.'

His gaze was s.h.i.+ning, he stared at the results of his refinement with excitement.

'I finally understand how I will create techniques with my inscription method.'

Noah had refined the "Breath" in his sea of consciousness fixing his mind on the image of a plane setting off.

He needed explosivity, he needed acceleration, the planes of his previous world were the only thing that matched those qualities.

'Imposing my will on the world of Heaven and Earth, this is my path.'

He had refined that "Breath" and he had used it to power the martial art, creating an effect that matched a rank 3 martial art.

Using that "Breath" for his techniques gave him a strange feeling, he wasn't using his dantian after all, he felt as if his body was breaking some kind of natural rule.

'My mind is a world of its own.'

Noah heard a humming sound as he had that realization, his mind was resonating with him.

'I can't produce "Breath" but I can give it a meaning. My techniques were never meant to follow the will of Heaven and Earth.'

A few lines of the diagram of a rank 0 spell couldn't be used to create a rank 3 martial art.

However, Noah had just done that.

'Steal the "Breath", refine it according to your own will, use it to break the limits of this world. The "Breath" is life, the "Breath" is everything.'

The wonders possible thanks to that kind of energy were limitless, Noah couldn't help but be surprised every time he thought about it.

'This energy can create matter! It is the very foundation of the world, its true origin. Heaven and Earth produce it to fill their world but I can steal it for my personal reasons.'

His gaze went on his low waist, he was figurately staring at his dantian.

'That energy doesn't belong to me.'

Then, his attention went to his back, where his acupoints were.

'Neither that energy belongs to me.'

His focus returned to his mind, the real personal place of every cultivator.

'This is my personal world.'

Succeeding in breaking the limits of the diagram had enlarged his point of view, he had finally understood how to create techniques with his inscription method!

'My mind can only contain so much "Breath", I need my dantian to steal that too.'

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He was making a plan for his future.

That meant that Noah could only use his martial art for a set number of times before the refined "Breath" was completely depleted.

'In the future, I need to create a cultivation technique that allows me to store stolen "Breath" in my dantian, I can't neglect this kind of usage.'

If his dantian became able to absorb and store the "Breath" stolen from Heaven and Earth, he would solve the issue of its limited quant.i.ty.

'Right now, my centers of power are still weak, I can only perform a martial art with the power of the third rank. When my mind improves, I'll be able to imprint a stronger will on the "Breath", obtaining an even more powerful result. d.a.m.n, the applications of my inscription method could be endless!'

Noah was excited beyond reason, he had finally found his personal way of making techniques!

He still had to improve his centers of power and he wasn't completely sure of how to apply that method in every field of cultivation but he had discovered his path at least!

'The black smoke of the Demonic form could be controlled if I generated it with refined "Breath"… The answer was right in front of me but I couldn't see it.'

Noah pressed again on the ground, his foot released shockwaves every time he imbued them with the "Breath" in his mental sphere.

He performed that movement many times, always expending that refined energy.

The black cloud over the sea in his mind was consumed quickly, it had only allowed ten usages of Noah's martial art.

'Only ten times, that's not bad. It is only in the third rank, my body alone can match this acceleration. Well, it seems that any new progress can wait for my mind to reach the third rank.'

The third Keiser rune came out of Noah's s.p.a.ce-ring, he was set on speeding the arrival of his breakthrough.

'I wonder, if I was to refine all the "Breath" in my dantian and use it to enter my Demonic form, how strong will I be?'

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