Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 252 - 252. June

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In the domain of the Shosti family, there was a separate dimension created by a powerful cultivator.

The information about that cultivator had been mostly lost due to the pa.s.sage of time, the only things known were his t.i.tle and the cultivation level that he had at that time.

There was another piece of information that could be determined about that dimension: even though it gave rewards to anyone worthy, the true legacy was reserved for one single heir.

No one knew that the inheritance had been claimed some time ago by a young woman with a wild att.i.tude.

Inside the inheritance ground, in the third layer of the separate dimension.

June swung his spear surrounded by hordes of magical beasts.

Those beasts were each of a different type and they seemed to have an ethereal body, they were clearly a creation of the dimension.

June pierced a mole's head, then she kicked toward a snake that was coming from behind her.

Each of her strikes killed a beast in one attack and they were all beasts in the peak of the third rank!

After seeing that the number of beasts didn't diminish no matter how many of them she killed, June stabbed her spear on the ground, injecting all her mental energy into it.

The spear released countless sparks on the fake terrain which then exploded all around her, creating a thunderstorm that destroyed the encirclement of the magical beasts.

June supported herself on the weapon, she was gasping for hair and her complexion was pale, that last spell had exhausted her.

"You have finally become used to your new body but your sea of consciousness is still too weak, it can't express the true power of my spells."

Eccentric Thunder was in the air above her, he had carefully watched the battle of his heir.

"That's all thanks to Master Eccentric, my body would still be in the third rank if it wasn't for your amazing refinement method."

June bowed to the old cultivator hoovering in the air.

"The refinement method was only the last part of the process. What was amazing was your determination and the formation that I have personally created. You are quite lucky, I was only able to create the True Thunder body refinement method when I became a rank 5 cultivator. You are so young and yet you already have a rank 4 body, I have to say that I envy you a little."

June smiled at her Master's words and bowed again.

She had really improved a lot since she became Eccentric Thunder's heir.

Not only all the wealth of the separate dimension had become hers, but she had also gained access to tens of spells and techniques of the thunder element, improving her battle prowess by a large margin.

Also, Eccentric Thunder had used a method to forcefully bring her body in the fourth rank, giving her a body that could enhance the power of everything that used the thunder element as its core.

'My Master was really a monster, he has personally created a formation able to emulate the Pain Tribulation so to immediately refine a rank 4 body. I wonder how powerful he was back then.'

She really couldn't be happier.

She had a ridiculous amount of wealth, techniques, spells, and even a personal Master that guided her training and helped her in the breakthroughs, her future had never been brighter.

'And all of this is because of him.'

June's mood turned sour as she thought about Noah.

The separate dimension stored all the information about the various trials, she had watched Noah's battle in the second layer many times and she had also witnessed his rebellion against his family on the first layer.

'I thought I had it hard. My family simply forced me to become strong while you fought against the suppression of your entire family and still managed to become stronger than me. Your will is simply in a different realm.'

Eccentric Thunder noticed the change in her mood and landed on the ground right in front of her.

"Still thinking about him?"

He knew what bothered his disciple.

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They had been together for more than one year after all, he had learned all about June.

Yet, June really hated to wear it while she fought.

Not only it hindered her vision but it was also hard to keep on her head during a fight.

However, Eccentric Thunder had never accepted to inscribe a different item for her and she was forced to learn how to fight wearing that heavy thing.

"Master, listen. I know that hats are great and everything, but can't you just inscribe something different? I don't know, I personally like-"

She interrupted her phrase because she noticed that Eccentric's figure was staring at the ceiling with his brows furrowed.

"What is it?"

Eccentric stared at the ceiling for a long time when an earthquake ran through the entire layer.


June didn't know what was happening a called for her Master.

Eccentric ultimately moved his gaze away from the sky and turned it toward June.

He sighed and hundreds of orange runes gathered around him and June.

"It seems that someone is forcing the entrance of the dimension and they actually have the power to do so. I have waited so much for a worthy heir to appear and Heaven only gives me a bit more than a year with her. d.a.m.ned luck."

Eccentric shook his head and gestured for the runes to envelop June.

"I'm sorry, our time together is over. I'll transfer everything valuable inside your storage devices and send you as far away from the invaders. Be safe my disciple."

The runes shone in a blinding orange light, making June disappear on the spot.

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