Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 241 - 241. Enough

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The silhouette of light was an extremely powerful spell that required the acc.u.mulation of sunrays to be used.

It was very ductile, useful both in attack and defense.

However, the more its light was used, the faster it would be expended.

The spell had blocked one attack from the rank 4 creature and empowered two attacks of the n.o.bles, a large quant.i.ty of light had already been expended.

'Not even that would be enough.'

Noah understood the endurance of a rank 4 magical beast better than anyone in the room.

'Those injuries would have at least hindered its movements if it was a beast with limbs. Yet, it's a worm-type creature, a few deep wounds aren't enough to take it down.'

The leader of the worms was hesitant.

It was trying to find the weak point of the strategy of the n.o.bles to decide its next move but all it could think of was to slowly exhaust the cultivators until some of them committed a mistake.

It was at that moment though that a cry for help resounded in the room.

"They are too many, I can't stop all of them!"

Troy shouted, gasping for air as he swung his sword to kill the beasts that were surrounding him.

Seven of his foxes made of fire had been exhausted and his potions could not keep up with the expenditure of mental energy, all he could do was resort to his martial art to slow the advance of the pack.

The beasts around him were not strong, most of them were in the first or second rank, however, they amounted to more than one thousand, they were slowly overwhelming Troy with their sheer numbers.

That was exactly the situation that Noah was trying to avoid by hunting the weaker beasts before he discovered that Daniel's group was in the dungeon.

A thousand mosquitos could take down a bear, there was no reason why those worms couldn't do the same.

The rank 4 leader found the opportunity that it was waiting for and pounced toward Troy, forcing Daniel to interrupt its charge again with the silhouette of light.


Another loud crash resounded but, that time, the leader was ready for the impact and held its terrain, continuing to push on the silhouette and enduring the pain caused by the burning light.

"It's trying to reach Troy! Milo, we must take it down!"

Daniel shouted but Milo was a bit hesitant.

He watched as the light of Daniel's spell dimmed every time the leader pushed with more strength, he knew that it wouldn't take much for the spell to fade.

"We should run."

Milo spoke in a soft voice but Daniel heard it clearly and stopped in place.

He gave another look at the battlefield, understanding Milo's point of view.

He had used his strongest spells and had cooperated with Milo but all they managed to obtain were a few deep cuts on the leader's body, they would need at least twenty of them to really hope killing it.

Yet, time was not on their side.

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Troy was being overwhelmed by the weaker beasts and more worms kept on coming from the tunnels, the entire underground area would be filled with magical beasts soon.

The n.o.bles were confused, they didn't understand why Daniel would ask Noah to face a rank 4 creature for one entire minute.

However, Daniel continued to speak.

"I have a spell that I'm sure will sever its body in half but I need sixty breaths of time to prepare it. Will you help me?"

Noah stared at Daniel with uncertainty.

'Is he serious? A spell in the second rank that can kill a beast in the heroic ranks?'

He didn't know if he could believe such a claim.

'It might be possible, one minute of preparation is a long time. Yet, it could be said the same about holding the leader back, I can't do it with just my martial art.'

The leader kept pressing the blockage made of light and Troy did his best to kill the worms around him but he was slowly losing his ground, the clock was ticking.

'How badly do I want the Bloodline inheritance?'

Noah had to decide between an immediate improvement of his mental sphere and revealing his strength.

'This might also be the best situation for that…I guess I've had enough of hiding.'

"I want the head of the rank 4."

Noah spoke, jumping off the cavity and landing on the crystalline ground.

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