Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 221 - 221. Bare Dungeon

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Noah was inside the Hunters' guild, carefully inspecting the boards describing the various hunting areas.

'I can go almost anywhere now but I should still find something that doesn't attract too much attention.'

What he was looking for was a danger zone with a low number of rank 4 magical beasts.

He wanted to fight a rank 4 creature alone in order to find out his actual strength!

'I need to choose one that I can justify easily. My name has become too known inside the guild, the fact that I'm entering a danger zone alone won't go unnoticed.'

His mental energy swept through the various boards until he found something that could meet his requirements.

'Excavating worms activity discovered in the Bare Dungeon, only one rank 4 specimen confirmed with more than a hundred rank 3 beasts in the lower areas. This might work.'

The Bare Dungeon was the prison of the previous Royal family.

After the Elbas family took the throne, that structure was abandoned and the magical beasts had slowly turned it into their lair.

However, the concentration of "Breath" there was quite low so it took more than two thousand years for a rank 4 creature to be born from the dominant type of magical beasts in there.

As for why Noah considered that area, it was due to the magical beasts that lived there.

Excavating worms had a long and st.u.r.dy body, with three circular rows of sharp teeth as their mouths.

They weren't among the strongest magical beasts, actually, their battle prowess was low due to their simple attack patterns, they could only rely on their bodies and they had no peculiar ability.

Also, the value of their bodies was particularly low.

Only their teeth were somewhat valuable but, other than for those, they basically provided no useful material.

Yet, they had one quality that could be used as an excuse by Noah: their bodies had the highest amount of blood among the magical beasts.

'Kurt and the others will just think that I want to occupy the time between the hunts with them in unpopular hunting zones to maximize my growth. Rank 3 Excavating worms are only worth fifteen Credits each, no hunter would be willing to go there with the possibility of meeting a rank 4 creature.'

Even if the worms were relatively weak, the Bare Dungeon remained a danger zone due to the rank 4 specimen in there.

If hunters wanted to go in danger zones to gather a higher number of rank 3 corpses, they would choose an area where the beasts had a higher value like Noah did with Mellow Forest.

Indeed, there were no hunters signed for that area.

'Excavating worms is it!'

Noah decided, placing his mark next to the name "Bare Dungeon".

Meanwhile, inside the alchemy division of the academy.

Daniel was controlling the temperature of the cauldron in front of him with his eyes closed.

The flame under it was created by a special technique that used the "Breath" of the cultivator as fuel in order to give more control to the alchemic process.

Daniel had always been talented in that technique due to his element but he had to work hard to reach that kind of proficiency.

In the eyes of his followers, he had always been the perfect cultivator.

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His family was wealthy and among the most powerful in the country, capable of providing to him any kind of cultivation resource or technique, nurturing a cultivator of the light element required an exorbitant sum after all.

Even with all the pressure that his family was putting on him, Daniel still went to train his alchemic skills in the academy.

Daniel controlled the flame silently, lowering or increasing the temperature of the cauldron as he followed the procedure that the seniors in the faculty had taught him.

In about one hour, he stopped providing "Breath" and the flame was extinguished.

Daniel sighed and excitedly opened the cauldron, lifting the lid with one hand.

A huge amount of white smoke came out of the cauldron, yet, when it dispersed, there was nothing inside it, it seemed that the refinement had failed.

'It seems that I still can't concoct rank 2 pills in the high tier, I have a long way to go.'

Pills and potions were ranked in the same way as inscribed items, the rank of the dantian was the most detailed expression of power after all.

As he stared disappointedly at the empty cauldron though, a young attendant appeared behind him.

"Lord Daniel, a mission has been a.s.signed to you."

One of Daniel's eyebrows arched and he turned, asking in a surprised tone.

"What's that about?"

The attendant bowed and replied to him.

"I'm sorry my Lord, I could only understand that you will be sent to the Bare Dungeon."

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