Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 217 - 217. Breakthrough

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Peak of the third rank of the body at the age of nineteen and a half!

That was an incredible feat!

Most of it though was due to the Forging of the Seven in which Noah had trained in his childhood.

Unorthodox techniques had a faster pace of training but required for the cultivator to undergo risky procedures.

The Forging of the Seven had endangered Noah's life many times, it was no wonder that he could reach the peak of the third rank at such a young age.

'Now, I need to store "Breath" through my whole body.'

A lot of energy was required for the reconstruction of the body and, of course, the best source of energy of that world was the marvelous "Breath".

Noah resumed his cultivation, he had to be sure that his body was filled with "Breath" before he attempted in the reconstruction.

One week pa.s.sed uneventfully, with Noah focusing each night concentrating on the Yin body and using the rest of the day to sleep.

Rest was necessary during that process, the body needed time to mix with the "Breath" and the latter had to uniformly nourish each of its components.

It was only when the seventh night ended that Noah could not store any more "Breath".

'It is time.'

Noah undressed and sat naked on the wooden floor.

The reconstruction process was long and painful, it was similar to the hibernation of the magical beasts when they increased their rank, with the only difference being that humans didn't need to create an incubating membrane during it.

'The first step toward the heroic ranks, the first step toward complete freedom!'

Noah's will rose and he wasted no more time, activating the next step of his nouris.h.i.+ng method.

The bones in his body had acc.u.mulated so much "Breath" that they autonomously radiated a cold halo, they were the part focused by the Yin body after all.

Yet, as Noah willed, they broke and released waves of energy through his whole body.



Noah suppressed a loud cry as the pain invaded him.

The process had started, stopping it at that moment would endanger the cultivator's life or inflict incurable injuries.

Nevertheless, the idea of stopping the process had never crossed Noah's mind.

The "Breath" contained in his bones ran free through his body, breaking everything that it met.

The first to be affected were his organs which were pierced and cut in many places as the waves of energy crossed them.

Then, it was time for his circulatory system to be affected.

His blood vessels exploded, forming large bruises under his white s.h.i.+n.

Noah was already laying on the ground, convulsing like crazy.

Once his bones had shattered, he could not sustain his sitting position anymore.

After that, it was time for his flesh.

The waves of energy ravaged the flesh and ripped off the muscles, anything that stood in their way was destroyed!

It wasn't a casual process though.

The "Breath" would only destroy the body parts unfit for the new form that Noah was a.s.suming.

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Like the dantian boiled away most of its impure "Breath" to reach a higher purity when it increased in rank, so did the body.

Noah was at the center of the black vortex, he was filled with "Breath" and more of it was gathered by the suction force of his nouris.h.i.+ng method.

The "Breath" began to solidify, mixing with the remaining body parts and reconstructing the missing ones.

The skeletal system formed, it was gray with dark shades all over it.

Then it was the time for the organs and the circulatory system.

The organs seemed to s.h.i.+ne under the daylight and the blood vessels had a thicker form while being half-transparent.

His flesh and muscles recomposed, they were st.u.r.dier and denser, it didn't seem that they were made of simple flesh.

His skinless figure solidified and started the healing phase.

Noah's skin grew, it was white and smooth, devoid of any follicle, not even a simple imperfection was present on it.

Two black tattoos appeared on his chest, a bat with two pairs of wings and a panther, and they roamed freely on the newly formed body.

At last, a black membrane was created around Noah's heart.

As the vortex continued to absorb "Breath", a black liquid began to fill that membrane, immersing Noah's heart in that cold substance.

The vortex rotated for a few more minutes, fixing the absorbed "Breath" on each part of Noah's body and securing its st.u.r.diness.

Then the vortex dispersed, leaving a naked Noah on the floor, surrounded by the filth that had been expelled in that process.

Noah felt a huge amount of energy filling him but his mental sphere was too tired from all the pain that he had to endure while maintaining control on his body-nouris.h.i.+ng technique.

He could only have one last thought before falling asleep on the spot.

'Rank 4 body!'

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