Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 209 - 209. Refusals

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In the main hall of the Hunter's guild, a dozen cultivators were sitting around Noah.

Some of them were shouting and pointing at him, others were angrily drinking from their jugs, it didn't seem that the conversation was peaceful.

"No, I won't stop. No, I don't care if you can't gain Credits due to my behavior. If you can't match my hunting speed, you should just consider changing your profession. Is this clear enough for you?"

Noah said calmly.

He had sold the magical beasts' corpses and then joined the other hunters on their table.

Yet, as soon as the conversation started, he was asked to slow his killing of rank 3 magical beasts.

It was obvious that there had been a lot of complaints after his initial refusal for the conversation to reach that point.

"Impudent! We have families here in the capital! We have maintained ourselves for decades hunting magical beasts! I won't accept that a new hunter, that gained his entry with the help of the Royals, will ruin my job!"

Many hunters nodded in approval at the words of one of the oldest cultivators among them.

However, Noah just shrugged his shoulders and continued to speak calmly.

"The rules are with me, you can't do anything to force me to stop. Also, if a newly arrived cultivator can do better than a hunter with years of experience, then you should really consider trying out another job."

His words were sharp and inevitably increased the anger of the other hunters.

"Don't you dare speak to me like that, I'm your senior! If you don't want to do it with the nice ways, that I will just have to s-"

The cultivator's phrase was interrupted, or to say it better, he couldn't force the words out of his mouth.

As soon as the trace of a threat appeared in his words, Noah released his cold pressure and fixed his gaze on the hunter that had just spoken.

Fear was the only thing that the hunter could feel at that moment.

Noah's blue eyes were fixed on him and a cold atmosphere was created around him.

"You will what? Why do you think that I hunt faster than you all? Don't tell me that you are so stupid to actually think that you can beat me."

Gulps resounded from the throats of the weaker hunters, they had to admit that they were quite scared of the young man in front of them.

"Let's all calm down. Avery, remember that you are asking a favor not ordering someone around. Vance, please avoid threatening your fellow hunters, they are only trying to do their job after all."

Kurt spoke, joining the conversation.

He had been silent for the whole time, hoping that things could be solved between the weaker hunters but he realized that the argument would only escalate if it was left as it was.

"Vance, why don't you leave some hunting areas to your colleagues? If you continue like this, only danger zones will have rank 3 magical beasts left."

Noah shrugged his shoulders again and replied to him.

"So? That's not my problem. As a member of the guild, I can hunt in low-danger zones freely. These are the rules, if you want me to change my methods, you must first change the rules."

A wave of irritation went through Kurt after he heard those words.

Noah knew that he was in the right so he would just use the word "rules" every time he could.

He knew that he was being unreasonable but he couldn't care less.

"What if the hunters were to give you a share of their gains? That way you wouldn't suffer a loss and would have to spend less time hunting."

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Kurt said, suppressing his anger to speak in a kind way to Noah.

"I need the bodies and they must be alive. Also, I need to be alone when I do my stuff."

Kurt felt that a headache was coming.

The biggest problem was that Noah had not broken any rule.

His was one of the rare situations when a cultivator was too strong for rank 3 magical beasts but still not powerful enough for rank 4 ones.

When such individuals appeared, the guild would just pay their rent for a period of time and wait for them to join the hunts for rank 4 magical beasts.

Yet, Noah's situation was different.

'He is purposely searching for magical beasts, the reason should be linked to his cultivation technique.'

Kurt thought.

There were many cultivation techniques in that world, some quite straightforward while others quite peculiar.

It wasn't difficult to understand that Noah's behavior was linked to his training, after all, that was the only possible reason if they excluded money.

Kurt seated silently for a long time.

He was the one leading the hunts for rank 4 magical beasts, that's why he was considered some sort of leader by his fellow hunters.

After a few minutes of stares in his direction, he opened his mouth to ask a simple question.

"Are dying beasts good for you?"

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