Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 203 - 203. Birthright

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On one side, there were the n.o.bles that wanted more power and wanted to dethrone the Elbas family.

They tried to probe a reaction from the Royals to understand their line of rule and sent one of the heirs of a large-size n.o.ble family for the mission.

One the other one, there were the Royals that wanted to maintain control over their subjects.

They could not personally attack Samuel's group because doing that would lead to a public uproar but they also wanted to limit the growth of the other n.o.ble families.

That's why they used the criminals that they were gathering for the creation of a hidden army.

In a world where birthright decided most of your future, there was an overabundance of individuals that broke the rules in order to become stronger.

Those individuals were under the control of Thaddeus' branch of the Royal family.

Noah clearly understood why the Royals needed to create such an army.

'There are too many n.o.ble families. No matter how strong they are or for how long they have acc.u.mulated resources, one family can't match hundreds of them. Yet, if the Royal dynasty manages to create soldiers out of criminals, they would obtain the perfect expendable army and would fix the issue of the numerical disadvantage.'

He thought after going back to the cave to rest.

Noah didn't want to stay in that place for long but he needed at least a few hours to recover from the battle.

His sea of consciousness and dantian were almost empty, he needed time to refill them.

Luckily, he had enough potions to use which largely quickened his rate of recovery.

'I was used as a p.a.w.n in their political games. The Royals wanted to test the strength of their new force while the n.o.bles wanted to see what kind of reaction the Elbas would have. Even the heir of a large-size family is nothing in the eyes of cultivators in the heroic ranks.'

He clearly remembered the cultivator's words.

'"You are just one human". I hate to admit it but he is right, with my little strength I can't avoid being involved in these matters. Refusing them would just aggravate our relations.h.i.+p and my anonymity depends on their goodwill. If I want to keep my freedom, I have to leave.'

Inevitably, Noah began to think about abandoning the Utra nation and escaping where the Elbas family and the Balvan family could not reach him.

'I still have things to do here though, especially the matter about the forging.'

He still couldn't leave.

He needed a safe environment where to experiment with his creations and he also needed the resources of the capital, the Royal city offered too many opportunities.

'No wonder cultivators don't want to leave it and ultimately accept being on the Royals paybook. Sacrificing freedom for a smooth cultivation journey seems the smartest thing to do.'

If Noah didn't have his wild ambitions, he would also think of joining the ranks of the Royal family.

'However, for how long will they support me? Will they allow me to become a rank 4 cultivator? Will they allow me to attempt in the breakthroughs for the divine ranks? I don't think so.'

A ruler, in order to govern, had to be stronger than its subjects, it couldn't allow for individuals to surpa.s.s its level.

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Noah was sure that if he joined some organizations, he would soon be suppressed like it had happened in the inner circle of Balvan mansion.

'I obtained the Demonic form spell because I was the best of my generation. I surpa.s.sed n.o.bles and nurtured soldiers to obtain it. Everything I have, I took it with my own hands.'

There was no reason to overthink issues over which he had no control.

'I might have been lucky to be born with this apt.i.tude but I've also had to risk my life for each of my improvements. I would have been a great cultivator even if I was of the fire element.'

He stood up as soon as he resolved his doubts, moving toward the exit of the cave.

Noah didn't want to stay too much in that place.

Even if the Muwlos family had a tacit agreement to not use powerful cultivators, that wouldn't prevent Samuel's father from arriving on the battlefield and kill the criminal that took his son's life.

'To prove it, I will create with my own hands something that every birthright.'

His resolve was steeled, he knew exactly what he had to do.

'I need to buy new weapons, preferably inscribed items in the second rank. I need to sell all the items that I don't need and stash rank 4 materials to be always ready to escape. I need to forge using the Demonic form as a material. I need to bring my body in the heroic ranks. In the end, I need to create my own techniques.'

Noah still had some of Abel's blood to absorb but his priority was returning to the Royal city at that moment.

'Time to go back!'

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