Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 172 - 172. Reagent

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"You really like being mysterious."

June sighed, giving up on probing more about his past.

"When you find out about me, you can give me your opinion on what I should have done."

Noah said, receiving another poke from June.

They continued to talk and drink for the whole night, enjoying their peaceful time together.

As the first rays of the dawn entered the room, Noah interrupted his line of thought and focused back on his surroundings.

June had long fallen asleep on the couch, uncaringly stretching her legs over Noah's waist.

'Is this a habit of her? She sure doesn't care about appearances.'

Noah shook his head, carefully moving her legs away in order to stand up.

June didn't wake up, it seemed that the wine had relaxed her so much that she didn't even pay attention to the environment around her.

A bitter smile appeared on Noah's face as he stared at the girl quietly sleeping in front of him.

'If my situation was different, I wonder how our relations.h.i.+p would have evolved.'

He then turned, going back to the bas.e.m.e.nt to rest.

He woke up in the middle of the night, it was the first time that he had taken a whole day of break from his training.

'Let's see if there are some changes.'

Noah sat in his usual cross-legged position and began to meditate in the Dark vortex technique.

"Breath" converged in his dantian through the vortex in his joint hands and black crystals slowly ama.s.sed in that organ.

However, after two hours spent cultivating, Noah felt that he could no longer absorb more "Breath".

He opened his eyes and they shone with excitement.

'Finally, the limits of the first rank of the dantian.'

There was still one month before he became eighteen but he had finally reached the breakthrough point.

'If I compare myself to the other n.o.bles of the academy, my growth isn't that amazing.'

It had taken him four years and five months to cultivate all the way from the beginning of the gaseous stage to the peak of the solid one, which was only slightly above the average time used by n.o.ble cultivators to achieve that feat.

However, since he had obtained his dantian at the age of thirteen and a half, he wasn't even eighteen and yet he was ready to become a rank 2 cultivator!

'To think that June actually helped. Well, it was almost time anyway.'

Noah checked his condition.

He was virtually at peak form, he had only been awake for two hours after all.

'No reasons to waste time then.'

An item appeared in his hand.

It was a small bottle with a silver liquid inside it, just by holding it Noah could feel the "Breath" in his dantian tremble.

'I can finally use the Silver reagent!'

The Silver reagent was an item obtained in Eccentric Thunder's separate dimension.

It was one of the most commonly used reagents for the breakthrough in the second rank of the dantian.

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Noah breathed deeply for a couple of times before drinking in one sip all the contents of the bottle.

'That was easy, being a rank 2 mage has its advantages.'

The process was smooth since all the impurities were contained in the walls of the dantian and managed to nourish it.

The walls then seemed incredibly durable after the procedure was over.

Noah activated the Dark vortex technique.

A small part of his "Breath" was consumed and a vortex twice as wide as the previous times appeared and began to absorb the "Breath" in the environment.

The absorption speed was many times higher than when he was in the first rank, yet that didn't seem to matter for his dantian as it didn't enlarge at all!

Only when the first light of the day arrived, Noah noticed that some improvement was happening.

Noah stopped his meditation and exhaled loudly.

'About two hours of cultivation and my dantian almost didn't bulge, it will take a lot to reach the peak of the gaseous stage on this rank.'

He stood up and decided to test his new strength.

A saber appeared in his hands and he casually slashed the air.

A brilliant wind slash hit the wall of the bas.e.m.e.nt, making the inscriptions flash to no end.

In the end, they seemed to give up on blocking the attack and turned off.

Noah inspected the area where his attack had crashed and noticed that a vertical cut had appeared on the wall.

It wasn't that deep, only about three centimeters, yet Noah was extremely satisfied with the results.

'Just a casual attack has actually done all this damage. I can make a thousand of these with the "Breath" that I have now! At last, I am a rank 2 cultivator.'

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