Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1568 1568. Joint attack

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Chapter 1568 1568. Joint attack

The drawbacks of the cursed sword had blown Noah's chest off, but the black hole kept his organ in place. It created a layer of armor to replace the missing pieces of skin before generating the draconic figure.

Four additional arms grew on Noah's draconic torso, but he didn't dare to replicate the cursed sword at his current level. He only copied the Demonic Sword and let the roots handle the empty hands.

The army moved through the twisted s.p.a.ce. Noah's attack had opened a safe path, and the experts didn't hesitate to run inside it.

"You must be crazy to enter my domain," The leader said when she looked at the army entering the twisted s.p.a.ce. "Let me reduce you to a pulp."

The twisted s.p.a.ce began to condense even more. Noah saw invisible walls closing on him and shrinking the safe pa.s.sage. The domains that had filled that area couldn't do anything to stop the event.

Noah quickly placed his swords on his draconic forehead, Divine Demon summoned all the energy that he could gather, and Wilfred's muscled bulged until his veins exploded.

Ian gave voice to countless howls that gathered in his mouth and didn't spread through the world. At last, Jordan condensed the air inside the tunnel to fight the twisted s.p.a.ce back.

The joint power of the five existences turned the whole area into a mess of attacks and lights. Ma.s.sive singularities appeared among the twisted s.p.a.ce, soundwaves destroyed every law in the environment, and white light mended the tunnel.

Wilfred's punches gave birth to explosions, and the air itself began to fight for Noah's army. The rank 7 existences in the area were witnessing the full might of their leaders. Still, their centers of power suffered among that destruction.

The magical beasts took care of defending the underlings. They used their bodies to absorb the shockwaves that tried to land on the army. They acted as meat s.h.i.+elds and spat mouthfuls of blood due to the damage suffered during the attack.

The leader of the enemy army remained surprised. She saw her twisted s.p.a.ce crumbling under that joint attack. Those five existences in the gaseous had managed to defeat her technique!

The expert felt that her pride had suffered a huge blow. She was a mighty expert in the liquid stage. She wasn't an existence that those enemies should be able to oppose.

Yet, Noah and the others reached the enemy army. Many had suffered injuries and had depleted a lot of energy, but they had succeeded in overcoming the attack.

Noah and Wilfred immediately shot toward the leader while the rest of the army dispersed to engage in multiple battles. Their arrival interrupted the cultivators preparing formations and items meant for the a.s.sault on King Elbas.

Chaos quickly spread. Divine Demon tried to take out the enemy underlings with a wave of his white light, but a rank 8 cultivator stepped forward and detonated the partial defenses to block the attack.

Jordan tried to do the same, but a second rank 8 cultivator stepped forward to fight her. Ian also used his soundwaves to target the underlings, but another rank 8 existence interrupted his offensive.

The only beings that could break into the enemy army were the magical beasts. They endured the attacks landing on their bodies and raged among the underlings.

Some of the other rank 8 cultivators joined their forces to isolate the destruction created by the magical beasts. Still, they couldn't do much now that they were already inside the army.

The rank 7 existences in Noah's army could exploit the destruction generated by the magical beasts to inflict a second wave of losses, but a rank 8 opponent soon stopped them.

Noah and Wilfred had it far harder than their companions. Twisted s.p.a.ce surrounded the enemy leader and made it almost impossible for the duo to reach her.

Noah had lost his legs after his previous attack, but his flames had quickly covered the enemy army and had gathered enough energy to fix his body.

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The bloodl.u.s.t filling Noah's mind was threatening to make him go crazy, but he couldn't stop using the cursed sword. The situation didn't allow him to waste time.

"Not so fast," Gloria exclaimed while joining her hand.

The pressure suddenly intensified. Noah felt unable to move and perform his techniques in that area. Even Wilfred seemed to struggle against that power.

Noah's mouth slowly opened before a roar came out of his mouth. His cry gave birth to a soundwave that destroyed a small part of the twisted s.p.a.ce and gave Noah enough room to move.

Black vessels popped out of his skin as the unstable substance flew through them. Noah converged most of that power toward his draconic arms and performed the strongest slash that he was capable of.

Gloria watched the draconic figure pulling back its arms before thrusting them forward. An intense sensation of danger filled her mind and forced her to reactivate the protection around her skin.

The six arms gave birth to a straight singularity that cut through the twisted s.p.a.ce and reached Gloria. The attack even pierced her defenses and landed on her sky before depleting its power.

Gloria didn't suffer many injuries. A series of shallow cuts appeared on her hands and face, but she quickly healed them with her energy.

Noah's efforts appeared useless, but Wilfred didn't let his suffering go to waste. The last attack had forced Gloria to divert her attention for an instant, and that had been enough for Wilfred.

The hybrid neared Noah and threw a punch through the tunnel that he created. The attacks ran through the safe path and landed on Gloria right after Noah's thrust.

The lack of new defenses allowed the punches to land on Gloria's body. Her left shoulder exploded and took away a large chunk of her chest.

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