Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1567 1567. Plan

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Chapter 1567 1567. Plan

"How long do you need?" Noah asked King Elbas.

"Half a day," King Elbas replied without stopping placing formations on the destroyed ground. "According to my calculations, the reinforcements will arrive when I reach the last stages of the inscription."

Noah didn't disturb King Elbas anymore at that point. His army had already secured the perimeter, and each rank 8 existence was in charge of large platoons. They only had to wait for their opponents now.

No one dared to speak. That was the tensest moment of the mission. Success in defending King Elbas would lead them home safely. Failure would keep them stuck in those foreign regions.

Divine cultivators, hybrids, and magical beasts could spend those hours in a fraction of a training session. That time was nothing more than seconds in their minds. Yet, it felt like an eternity in that situation.

"They are here," Noah whispered at some point, and his words spread through the whole army.

Wilfred and the other hybrids sensed their opponents immediately after. The other rank 8 existences also became aware of their enemies in the next seconds.

The Legion had attacked a mansion near a large city. The organizations nearby didn't take much to hear that distress call and prepare an army to fend off those invaders.

Multiple rank 8 auras spread through the regions. Mental waves flew toward Noah's army to inspect the situation, but a powerful force fended them off.

"Magical beasts behind," Noah roared, "Cultivators in front of them. The hybrids will handle the frontlines!"

That was a reminder of the plan that they had prepared before. Noah wanted to contain the casualties on his side, so he was willing to send only those who had a higher chance to survive in the frontlines.

The magical beasts were an exception. Their incredible resilience made them formidable opponents, but they were too easy to handle by an army made of experienced cultivators.

The enemy army soon appeared in the distance. Six rank 8 auras towered among the ma.s.sive group of cultivators, but they weren't the strongest existences there.

A heavy pressure suddenly spread through the region and threatened to suffocate Noah's army. That energy seemed able to carry a weight that pressed on all the existences in the area.

Noah and the other rank 8 existences unfolded their domains to fend off that pressure and defend their underlings. The laws in the world went crazy as those different true meanings took control of the area and merged to create a multicolored halo.

'They have a liquid stage cultivator,' Noah thought after the domains fended back the heavy aura.

Noah didn't need to warn his companions about that powerful expert. The other rank 8 existences had realized that as soon as they felt that pressure on their centers of power.

"Change of plans," Noah roared while turning toward Wilfred. "Are you up for a fight against that monster?"

"Of course," Wilfred snorted. "My hands have been itching since the battle with the giant. Will you give the order?"

Wilfred had understood the meaning hidden inside Noah's roar. Defending wasn't an option anymore. They couldn't hold their position against an opponent capable of such heavy might.

"Elbas, we'll leave you alone for a while!" Noah shouted. "Can you handle this on your own?"

"Who do you think I am?" King Elbas replied as a series of golden flames appeared around his inscriptions. "I have never planned to rely on you."

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The golden flames transformed into different magical beasts. A phoenix, a nine-headed hydra, a three-headed dog, and other peculiar fiery creatures appeared around the formations.

Duanlong tried to help, but its suction force didn't appear able to affect that twisted s.p.a.ce. Every attack that entered its area escaped the companions' control.

Wilfred promptly punched the air, and a low noise spread through the sky. It was as if something had exploded, but the area didn't carry any trace of his attack.

'She can condense the laws in the world,' Night transmitted through the mental connection. 'It resembles a whirlpool capable of ama.s.sing every true meaning in the region. She is powerful.'

'I can see that,' Noah replied before placing his right hand on his chest.

The army was behind him. Noah couldn't slow down after ordering a full offensive, and the same went for Wilfred. The duo had to press forward, but the pressure on their centers of power intensified in the process.

Their companions were in the same situation, but they were leaving the matter to them. Noah and Wilfred expressed the peak of the hybrids' physical prowess. They were the only ones capable of finding a solution without interrupting their charge.

Noah didn't hesitate to draw the cursed sword in that tense moment. Unfortunately, he didn't have the time to study his opponent and test how far his base strength could push him. The twisted s.p.a.ce had to fall now.

An intense bloodl.u.s.t spread through the sky. Noah tried to redirect his violent thoughts forward, but some of them managed to seep into his army.

The existences affected by his bloodl.u.s.t ended up entering into a frenzy. Drool even came out of their mouth since they could only think about killing the enemies in the distance.

Noah disregarded his negative influence on his army and performed a slash that featured both swords. His dark matter covered his weapons before he could launch his attack, and the dark world enhanced his destructive properties.

A crack suddenly opened through the sky. The edges of that fissures were hard to recognize since they divided the normal s.p.a.ce with that affected by the leader. Still, Noah and the others could see that a path had formed, and they didn't hesitate to press ahead.

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