Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1564 1564. Brutes

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Chapter 1564 1564. Brutes

Chaos spread through the battlefield. King Elbas' achievement had made the cultivators of the Sailbrird family aware that their defenses wouldn't last for long.

King Elbas had been clear. No one dared to believe that he was lying. After all, he had destroyed a rank 8 inscribed defense in the middle tier while being in the gaseous stage!

A series of figures shot out of the mansion. Three rank 8 cultivators in the gaseous stage quickly appeared in the area that divided the two armies.

"What's the reason behind this attack?" One of the leaders asked.

"Don't pretend to be ignorant," Noah replied while landing next to Wilfred and walking toward the trio. "You have decided to work with the Crystal City, so I will destroy you."

"That has been a small issue pursued by a single member of the Sailbrird family," The cultivator complained. "We can give you his head and the right compensation for his actions. There is no need to start a war over such a trivial matter."

The cultivator's words ended up enraging Noah. Roots spread out of his palm and covered his figure as a fiendish armor appeared on his skin. The Demonic Sword even gave voice to a roar to echo Noah's feelings.

"Can't you see?" Noah said while raising his blade. "War is already here."

Noah's blade descended, and half of the battlefield disappeared. A singularity spread through the enemy army and destroyed cultivators, formations, and inscribed items.

The trio couldn't avoid revealing their real emotions at that sight. Noah had destroyed most of the area in front of the mansion with a single attack. Fear and worry appeared on their faces.

A cold realization appeared in the trio's mind. Their defenses and army couldn't stop their enemies. The mansion wouldn't survive the sudden attack.

"Give your lives for the Sailbrird family!" One of the leaders shouted. "Fight! Hold them back! Reinforcements are coming!"

The remains of the army activated a different battle formation. They performed complex moves while green lines lit up under their feet.

One of the leaders descended to join the underlings and began to perform the same moves. The lines then rose in the sky and slowly created a ma.s.sive giant that wore robes featuring the emblem of the Sailbrird family.

Weapons of different kinds appeared on the giant's arms. A long sword quickly materialized on its right hand, a giant jar formed under its armpit, and a horned helmet covered its head.

Protections also appeared on its legs, elbows, neck, and chest. The style of the different pieces of the weapons and armor differed. It seemed that the Sailbrird family had fused multiple battle formations to create that figure.

'Worthy of the organization that holds the monopoly on the libraries,' Noah thought while inspecting the giant.

The ma.s.sive figure radiated an immense aura that bordered the beginning of the middle tier. It was stabler than Heaven's manifestation, but its power had similar properties.

The giant was a ma.s.s of energy arrayed in ways that could generate the different weapons and defenses. Still, it lacked a proper harmony. Any expert in the field could almost see where the various battle formations conflicted.

"I'll take that," King Elbas sighed.

"I'll join!" Divine Demon shouted.

"Count me in," Wilfred said while raising in the sky.

"How can you two brutes even help?" King Elbas complained.

"I've already shown you who is better at…," Divine Demon snorted, but he interrupted his line mid-way since he couldn't find a word to describe the giant.

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"Battle formations," King Elbas sighed and ma.s.saged his temples.

Noah's group would have to retreat once the reinforcements arrived, but he still wanted to inflict as many losses as possible. He planned to fill the human organizations with pure terror.

'King Elbas and Divine Demon are there,' Noah thought while glancing at the giant. 'I can't imagine them losing. I can focus on the others.'

Noah glanced at his underlings before teleporting away. He had to check that June and the others could handle the situation before pursuing the two rank 8 cultivators.

June, Flying Demon, Dreaming Demon, Daniel, and Faith were doing their best during the battle. Ian's soundwaves were keeping them safe from the many dangerous shockwaves that filled the battlefield. The group could fight the other underlings and focus on their small battles.

Noah reappeared in front of the two escaping cultivators. The duo quickly launched a few attacks, but Noah destroyed them with a wave of his sword.

"Don't think too highly of yourself," One of the leaders said when the singularity devoured her attack. "The Sailbrird family has thrived for eras. We have roots in every city of the human domain. You might win this battle, but you will never destroy us."

"You all start talking at this point," Noah sighed while slowly walking through the air toward the duo. "Let's kill each other. I can't bear another boring conversation."

"Arrogant brat!" The second leader shouted before launching a series of lightning bolts toward Noah.

A singularity devoured them again, and the first leader promptly filled the sky with a series of gla.s.s-like shards that a.s.saulted Noah. However, he created a hole through that sharp array with a second slash.

'They aren't putting much energy in their offensive,' Noah concluded after those exchanges. 'They want to focus on their defense to stall the situation.'

Jordan was flying toward Noah. She would reach him in a matter of seconds. The two cultivators were almost inside the range of her flames.

Yet, the world in her eyes suddenly froze, and a tinge of panic spread through her mind. She couldn't understand the cause of that event, but she calmed down when she saw Noah cutting in half one of the leaders.

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