Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1561 1561. Stories

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Chapter 1561 1561. Stories

June described to Noah what had happened in the other world after their separation. Of course, she had brought up those topics only after the two of them had taken their time to catch up.

The Hive, the Council, and the Shandal Empire had lived in peace for many centuries after the migration. They all had to divide the world and create sources of materials, so they didn't have the time to fight each other.

However, small fights eventually happened. The other world had fewer resources due to the absence of the piece of Immortal Lands. Battles were inevitable, and they soon escalated into wars.

The Hive became the target of both Council and Empire. Noah's absence had made the two organizations believe that they could topple that force.

The situation didn't go as planned. June, the Demons, and Daniel revealed their immense potential after a few setbacks. Faith also betrayed the Council and brought a new wave of experts to the Hive, eventually ending those wars.

The previous alliances didn't matter anymore in the other world, so the Hive could take complete control of the plane after June killed Great Elder Diana. G.o.d's Left Hand surrendered, but her enemies didn't forgive her betrayal.

With an entire world under their control, the powerhouses of the Hive improved quickly. They had the potential to reach the divine ranks, and they fulfilled it during those peaceful years.

June and Dreaming Demon ended up advancing almost at the same time. Daniel followed them, while Flying Demon and Faith reached the divine ranks as last. Still, they decided to ascend together since their breakthroughs had happened during the same centuries.

June's story then became grim. The Crystal City had immediately captured her group once they reached the landing zone. The five of them had been prisoners inside the palace for many years, and those fanatics forced them to fight before they could try to improve.

The Crystal City had put them through h.e.l.l. The five experts spent all their time healing their injuries and never had s.p.a.ce for their training.

After the battle on the palace, June and the others had focused on their training. Divine Demon was a madman, but he was a great Master, especially for existences as talented as Noah's friends.

The five experts had cultivated and had improved as they prepared themselves for the next battle.

When June's story ended, Noah described how his life in the Immortal Lands had been. He didn't hide anything from her, and he didn't forget to mention the inheritance in the Evolution Pit.

Noah also shared the details behind Great Builder and Supreme Thief's plan. He even gave June the notes seized from his enemies to help her in the path toward the higher ranks.

"It's becoming a habit of yours to give me inheritances," June said when she learnt about the Evolution Pit.

The political situation in the Immortal Lands didn't allow her to fly toward the h.e.l.lish Landscape. That area was under the control of the magical beasts now, and the Crystal City was quite influential there. The inheritance had to wait until she became strong enough to face those threats.

"I would have seized it if the will of the Pit didn't force me to leave," Noah snorted.

Those stories eventually ended with their reunion, and June failed to contain her amazement. Noah had seen a lot during those millennia. He had almost crossed the entire known plane and survived countless threats.

Noah also explained the requirements behind the ninth rank, but June was too weak to understand them. She had yet to learn how to deploy a proper domain, but she was on the right path.

The Legion didn't interfere with Noah and his pack. Its leaders turned a deaf ear to his claims about the separate force. They treated him as an independent part of their organization to avoid overthinking the matter.

Wilfred, Theodora, and Jordan also acknowledged the power behind Noah's underlings. Those magical beasts were quite valuable, especially when it came to the Foolery.

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The pigs didn't make a great impression at the beginning, but they changed everyone's mind once they turned entire regions into blue paradises. The whole Legion could only rejoice at those resources.

The Legion ended up delaying his plans since it requested a meeting. Noah soon found himself in a windy region inhabited only by Theodora, Wilfred, Jordan, and Ian.

"I have looked into your mind," Theodora said to start the meeting, "So this development leaves me speechless. Why did you have to build a different force when the Legion was ready to welcome you?"

"No reason in particular," Noah replied while shrugging his shoulders. "Existences will keep following me due to the positive effects of my influence anyway. Holding that feature back after the events with the Crystal City was pointless. It was better to embrace it and let my law express its full potential."

"Couldn't you have done that inside the Legion?" Jordan asked.

"I did that," Noah replied. "I have never stopped doing that. Didn't the Legion always lose against the human side before? I arrived and guess what? You won."

Noah then pointed at Jordan and Ian. "You two were in the seventh rank before meeting me, but you are pillars of the Legion now. Your organization also lacked manpower, but you have gained many new a.s.sets."

"Do you want me to believe that this is thanks to you?" Ian asked while wearing a p.i.s.sed expression. "Do you want to take credit for the countless years spent fighting before you were even born?"

"My law can't help those who don't want to grow," Noah said while spreading his arms. "I'm only saying that I did something. You can decide how much that's worth by yourselves. I have a war to run."

Noah straightened his position and turned to leave, but Wilfred exploded into a loud laugh and startled him.

"We only wanted to confirm your intentions," Wilfred explained. "Hybrids don't care about organizations anyway. We are allies, so we are good. Now, who are we going to fight?"

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