Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1560 1560. Reunion

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Chapter 1560 1560. Reunion

A lightning bolt usually gave birth to terror and worry in cultivators, hybrids, and magical beasts. Yet, that black energy covered with orange light signified something very different for Noah.

'She has become strong,' Noah thought while letting that attack slam on his body.

The lightning bolt carried power in the solid stage and a familiar aura that made Noah's mind go back in time. Countless memories filled his mental sphere and forced a smile to appear on his face.

'It has been too long,' Noah thought while bathing in that familiar aura.

The magical beasts around Noah roared in anger, and Fergie even unfolded his consciousness to search the a.s.sailant. They had no idea that they were witnessing the normal interaction between their leader and his lover.

"It's ok," Noah said before any of his underlings could make a move. "Stay here until I introduce you to the Legion."

Noah teleported away and reappeared on the ground under Divine Demon and the others. A woman with unruly silver hair was waiting for him while sitting on the azure terrain.

"You took your time," June snorted while showing an annoyed expression.

"You also kept yourself busy," Noah replied while inspecting her cultivation level.

June had reached the solid stage of the seventh rank. She appeared to have just advanced, but her foundation seemed quite stable. Noah could already place her above the average expert at the same level.

The experts in the sky wanted to descend to greet Noah, but Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon blocked their path. Their expressions could almost describe the nature of the interaction happening on the ground.

"I was ready to abandon all of you," Noah admitted.

Noah wouldn't hide anything from June. They knew each other enough to guess how their partner thought. It was pointless even to try to lie.

"I bet you would have found a replacement quickly," June replied. "The women in the Legion can't wait to get their hands on you. This situation brings me back to the Royal Academy when the girls used to call you Dark Prince."

Noah couldn't help but smile when June triggered those memories. Millennia had gone by since those events, but both June and Noah still recalled them.

"We have been through a lot," Noah sighed without forsaking his smile.

June snorted before straightening her position and nearing Noah. Her previous attack didn't manage to shatter his robe. His clothes seemed made of a dense substance that radiated his aura.

"I thought I would have died without having the chance of meeting you again," June said while grabbing his robe.

"Do not worry," Noah replied while giving in to her pull. "We will destroy the Crystal City and anything that carries its name. I think we also have another fight planned to happen soon."

"We have yet to see how soon," June whispered before pulling Noah close.

The duo exchanged a long kiss and washed away the emotions acc.u.mulated during the millennia spent in different planes. Many of them remained in their minds, but that wasn't the right moment to take care of them.

"I thought you hated being a leader," June teased him while glancing at the army of magical beasts waiting in the distance.

"Part of me still hates it," Noah snorted, "But I can't deny the nature of my influence. I have decided to conquer the whole higher plane before breaking it into pieces."

"Did your dream change?" June asked.

"No. My enemy even has a proper shape now," Noah replied while pointing at the white sky. "What about you?"

"Same as always," June answered. "This world is so big, and you have already given me so many enemies. What a caring partner you are."

"Join my organization then," Noah proposed. "I think most of the human domain is ready to hunt me down. You can have fun before I shatter this plane."

"How could I ever refuse such a tempting offer?" June replied while caressing Noah's cheek and grabbing his hand to lead him toward his other friends.

The duo soon arrived in front of Divine Demon and the others. They all showed broad smiles and challenging gazes, but Noah only focused on the four who had been trapped with June.

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Dreaming Demon, Flying Demon, Faith, and Daniel were still in the liquid stage. June had been the only one to advance after knowing about Noah's return. Yet, they appeared quite powerful for their current level.

"I won't abandon the Legion," Jordan said, bringing back the conversation to a serious topic.

"I don't really care," Noah replied while shrugging his shoulders. "I already consider you as allies, so I don't see a reason to fight. Also, I'll soon surpa.s.s all your leaders, so you'll eventually become part of my pack."

"Such arrogant remarks," Jordan commented, but a faint smile appeared on her face.

Jordan had almost feared that Noah would challenge the leaders of the Legion for the owners.h.i.+p of those lands. She knew that Noah couldn't win against her force, but his pack was quite threatening. Those creatures could make any army suffer.

"That's my heir!" Divine Demon shouted while exploding into a laugh. "I have a fitting name for our organization. Call it Divine Demon Sect!"

"That's not going to happen," Noah firmly rejected him.

"What about Divine Demonic pack?" Divine Demon asked.

"You will talk with Duanlong from now on," Noah said before summoning his Blood Companion and placing it in front of Divine Demon.

"The invitation is open for you too," Noah said while glancing toward King Elbas.

"I can't have leaders either," King Elbas replied before wearing an arrogant smile.

"And yet you will follow me anyway," Noah said before focusing on his weaker companions.

"I don't want to define the details about my organization now," Noah began his speech. "I don't think I will ever want to do that. The problem is that you are all too weak, and only war can force you to advance quickly."

Divine Demon stopped questioning Duanlong to listen to Noah at that point. Even the other members of the Legion ignored the matter about the different organizations to focus on those words.

"I will attack the Sailbrird family soon," Noah announced. "I don't care how many of you decide to follow me. I don't even mind attacking on my own. Yet, I know that many will come, so go and prepare. We will attack when June and I finish catching up."

Noah then turned, and June followed him since she had never left his hand.

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