Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1553 1553. Talk

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Chapter 1553 1553. Talk

'Maybe it's time to contact them,' Noah thought while flying through the Immortal Lands with his pack.

An inscribed notebook appeared in his grasp, and Noah chose which words to use to announce his return carefully.

'I'm back in the human domain,' Noah eventually sent through the inscribed notebook. 'I should reach the other side in a few decades.'




Divine Demon took a sip from his jug before shooting a lazy glance at the fight happening in front of him. A pack of dragons was fighting against rank 7 cultivators in the liquid stage, but the battle was quite dull to watch.

'I've done this for millennia already,' Divine Demon thought. 'Maybe it's time to cause a mess and force them to clean it up. They won't reach the solid stage with this training anyway.'

June, Faith, Daniel, Flying Demon, and Dreaming Demon had done their best to improve during those years. Divine Demon and the Legion had taken care of their training, but the lack of proper dangers slowed down their advancements.

The group had also taken a tour inside Supreme Thief's inheritance. The Legion had long since begun to consider Divine Demon and the others as part of Noah's team, which granted them privileges that humans wouldn't usually obtain in that organization.

"How are they today?" Jordan asked while landing next to Divine Demon.

Her figure brimmed with power. The hybrid had finally broken through the eighth rank during those years. Jordan was another pillar of the Legion now.

"The same as always," Divine Demon lazily explained. "They fight, they say a few curses, and then they win. The same boring mess."

"It's getting harder and harder to gather dragons for this training field," Jordan commented while seizing the jug in Divine Demon's grasp. "You might want to switch to other magical beasts soon."

"Things will get even more boring then," Divine Demon sighed. "Are you sure that the human side isn't doing anything fishy? Do we really have no enemy on our borders?"

Divine Demon had begun to consider the Legion as his organization after spending so long among the hybrids, and Jordan didn't mind that behavior. She actually felt glad that her force had gained another rank 8 a.s.set thanks to Noah.

"The humans are too scared to attack the Legion now," Jordan replied while taking a sip from the jug. "Our last a.s.sault on their domain has forced them to reconsider their alliances and borders. They prefer to fight each other for the time being."

"Really?" Divine Demon almost pleaded. "Don't we have a few grudges? Even a small enmity will do. I will pay your dragon's weight in Soul Stones if you give me the slightest reason to attack an organization."

"You know how it is better than anyone in the Legion," Jordan said while handing the jug back to Divine Demon. "The other castles of the Crystal City are in secret locations. The secret organization is a ghost. Even the other forces are doing nothing but acc.u.mulating wealth and defenses to prepare for the next invasion."

Divine Demon felt as if his boredom would swallow him. He didn't mind taking his time to train Noah's friends, but he also desired challenges to keep growing. That peace was lasting too much.

His inscribed notebook suddenly rang. Divine Demon quickly listened to the mental message received by his device, and his eyes lit up when he heard Noah's voice.

"Awesome job, my heir!" Divine Demon exploded into a laugh while holding his inscribed notebook. "You came back at the right time! Let's rejoin and bully some large forces. I have refrained from attacking the Sailbrird family only for your sake!"

Everyone in the area heard his loud words. Jordan, June, and the others couldn't fail to understand what was happening, and excited expressions appeared on their faces.

Still, before any of them could ask anything, a lump of golden flames materialized in front of Divine Demon and took King Elbas' shape.

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"Did Noah Balvan come back?" King Elbas asked while wearing a smug smile.

'The Crystal City will never find us here,' Noah concluded before ordering his pack to take control of the regions under him.

The Foolery, Fergie, and the other magical beasts fought the few packs inhabiting the area and defeated most of them. Instead, Noah took care of the creatures that managed to escape by submitting them.

After his pack spread through the area, Noah built a cave and entered a deep meditative state. He had to take care of an important matter before deciding what to do with his prisoner.

Noah's ethereal figure dived deep into the mental sea and inspected every corner of those dark waters. He even activated the Demonic Deduction technique to bring him closer to a solution, but he still couldn't find his target.

'I don't believe that he can hide something inside my mind even after I reached the eighth rank!' Noah thought before deciding to go all-out.

Waves of mental energy surged and flowed into the red lines that covered his mental walls. It was hard to deplete all that energy at his current level, but Noah kept the process going for as long as necessary.

Noah disregarded the violent thoughts generated by the Demonic Deduction technique. He only needed to empty his mind to find an energy that had remained hidden inside his center of power for too long.

The black mental energy eventually vanished, and the same went for the waters tainted by the bloodl.u.s.t. Drowsiness enveloped his existence when his mind became empty, but the black hole forced him to remain awake.

Noah couldn't find anything inside his empty mind, but he didn't give up on the matter. Liquid dark matter seeped inside his mental sphere and covered every inch of his mental walls, eventually uncovering a strange blue spot.

"You managed to find me," A familiar voice resounded through Noah's mental sphere. "I didn't expect this meeting to happen so soon."

Noah's ethereal figure descended toward the blue spot. His mind immediately produced mental energy and slowly fixed his temporary weakness, but Noah used the dark matter to keep that area devoid of water.

"Come out already," Noah said toward the blue spot. "It's time to have a proper talk, Supreme Thief."

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